The pain of birth.
A breathing child arrives
With the loudest unhappy tears
Cursing the entry into this planet
Yearning to be where once belonged.

The pain of death.
Clinging to the last breath
Refusing to leave the touch of fresh air
Hated at the time of arrival.
A last struggle to maintain
The life which floated on air.
You never chose to come here
But you can chose to get out!
A contrast of democracy between birth and death!
A journey which began from emptiness
A journey which ended up in emptiness.

The only thing that matters
Is the Constituion of life that one writes
With Amendments from breath to breath
With Sections from moment to moment
To uphold an ambition
Of a life that may or may not matter.

Better to laugh at this absurdity
Of a struggle for a train or flight ticket
For a journey from one void to another!

Celebrate the journey
Create meanings on the route
Between emptiness to emptiness.
From void to void.

K.P. Sasi is a film maker. kpsasi36@gmail.com

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