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Dear all,
As you are aware that on June 16, 2016, Narendra Modi led NDA government, cancelled the FCRA registration of Teesta Setalvad’s NGO Sabrang Trust on false charges. The action is yet another blow to the democracy of India and road to justice for the victims of the 2002 massacre. Yesterday’s Home Ministry order is yet another example of the present government’s stand on the issues related to the justice. The trust in an statement said “cancellation order was imminent was apparent from the mere show of a personal hearing granted to the Sabrang Trust on April, 11, 2016. The hearing was over in less than 10 minutes.”
This is not the first time when the present government has used FCRA to target various NGOs working for the people of this country. Earlier also by this and previous governments have targeted Greenpeace India and numerous other pro-people NGOs were targeted.As a concerned and responsible citizen of India, we not only stand in solidarity with Teesta and others at the Sabrang Trust but we would also like to donate so that the various activities undertaken by the Trust runs smoothly. We would also like to appeal the fellow citizens. The NRIs who still retain their Indian passports can donate as well.

Message from Teesta Setalvad for this support initiative –

We are extremely grateful to one and all for the committed enthusiasm that you have shown towards supporting our work, given the marked victimization by the government. Since January 2014, personal accounts of Javed Anand and Teesta Setalvad apart from accounts of CJP and Sabrang Trust have been illegally frozen by the Crime Branch of the Gujarat Police.

Our Journey

Communalism Combat,

Our journey that began in 1993 with the publishing of Communalism Combat, a monthly magazine devoted to de-constructing the politics of hate and division continues today and has branched in several, related directions. CC is now an online free media platform Our mission and vision is online now and reflects not just the material generated since its launch on November 26, 2015 (Constitution Day) but 23 years of material archived and migrated from CC since the first issues ( until the last one published in November 2012. We are presently working out the legalities of introducing a membership based payment gateway to support this free media initiative.

KHOJ, education for a plural India movement

Then there is our specific work on the issue of a plural and secular education especially through a deepening of the teacher, school and parents approach to history teaching and social studies. An interactive middle school level weekly module has been developed by us and widely applied in schools in Maharastra, once in Gujarat and other cities, too. Our web portal reflects the many facets of our work and has online the materials generated through this rigorous and exciting journey. The modules for interventions, the books, the videos that we have produced as also a rich and exciting History Quiz. This effort functions through Sabrang Trust. Since January 2014, the FCRA account of this Trust has been illegally frozen after a single letter from the Crime Branch of the Gujarat police (long before the FCRA cancellation). Yet our activities have continued –reduced tasks given the circumstances—through local donations. The Trust has an 80-G certificate. Sabrang Trust obtained FCRA only in 2007; our worek in school education has been on since 1994.

Citizens for Justice and Peace

Since 2002, when the Citizens for Justice and Peace(CJP) was formed, specifically to provide legal aid and advocacy to victim  survivors of the Gujarat pogrom, its activities have involved rigorous legal interventions, documentation, advocacy (offices in Ahmedabad and Mumbai). Over 68 cases have been fought by the CJP from magistrate, trial courts up to the Supreme Court over the last 14 years and are continuing ( Our amazing lawyers team has functioned mostly pro-bono with only expenses being reimbursed. A small team of trial court lawyers was on a small retainership from 2009-2014. Again in one swift vengeful act, CJP’s accounts (domestic and FCRA) were also frozen in January 2014. As in the case of Sabrang Trust, CJP is now functioning with a new domestic account. CJP’s path breaking legal work has included introducing rights and victims-based jurisprudence thus ensuring that 137 powerful perpetrators of the 2002 carnage get convicted to life imprisonment. Since the Best Bakery Judgement of 2004 and 2006, then the Sardapura and Naroda Patiya judgements history has been made as before this we see poor or no convictions when it comes to cases of communal mass crimes.
On behalf of the Trustees of both Trusts and our dedicated staff we thank one all. We are overwhelmed and humbled by the response to crowd funding and contributions. We believe in the highest standards of accountability and transparency.

For contributions to Sabrang Trust please send cheques to Sabrang Trust
Postal Address: Nirant, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai 400049
For bank details sms your no to 09870402556
(Javed  Anand)

Thank you for your support

Teesta Setalvad     Javed Anand

Trustees (Sabrang Trust): Ravi Kulkarni, Nakul Mehta, Amili Setalvad, Javed Anand, Teesta Setalvad

Trustees (CJP Trust): Anil Dharker, Nanadan Maluste, IM Kadri, Alyque Padamsee, Cyrus Guzder, Fr Cedric Prakash, Shakuntala Kulkarni, Gulam Pesh Imam, Javed Anand, Teesta Setalvad

The campaign was initiated by India Resists  HERE

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