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The criminals-cum-terrorists flying the flag of their ‘only true’ religions continue destroying whatever is humane, rational, creative and secular in the Indian-subcontinent. The latest victim is great musician and qawwal Amjad Sabri Saheb, one of the world’s best known Sufi musicians. He was known as a great practitioner/performer of genre of Sufiana verse with roots tracing back to 13th Century. Qawwali originated with AmeerKhusro as musical expression of love and surrender to Creator which is unacceptable to Islam-o-fascists. He and his clan of Sufi musicians belonged to the Sabriyah branch of Sufi Islam thus came to be known as Sabris. It migrated to Pakistan on the eve of Partition. His father, Ghulam Farid Sabri was also a renowned qawwal.

In fact, about six months ago three unknown assailants came to his residence and had burst open the front door. His application for security cover pending for last many months was never entertained by the Karachi police. And, of course, police needs not to take any action now.

The theocratic criminals boast that religions in defence of which they are carrying guns and bombs are ETERNAL/SANATAN. But the reality is that these cowards get scared of a song/singer, a writer, a rationalist, a performer, a researcher and a secularist. It is a matter of pride that when states in the Indian sub-continent are either patronizing the criminal elements (Pakistan) or showing no political will to check these religious bigots (Bangladesh & India) these are secular artists, writers, intellectuals and rationalist who are sacrificing their lives to confront the juggernauts of these theocratic criminals. In Bangladesh secular activists like Avijit Roy, WashiqurRahman Babu, AnantaBijoy Das, Niloy Chatterjee and Rajib Haider have been the latest secular victims who have continued the long heroic tradition of challenging the gangs of Islam-o-fascists in Bangladesh. In India the Hindutva terrorists have been very active on this front since 2113. Narendra Dhabolkar, Govind Pansare and MM Kalburgi have been the latest martyrs upholding secularism against the Hindutva onslaught.

It is really sad too that gods/goddessesresiding in the HEAVENS above in whose names such crimes are being executed are keeping mum!


Shamsul Islam taught political science at the University of Delhi and since 2013 full-time researcher of theocratic politics.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Condolences.. Sabri saheb!
    Pakistan government is fully responsible for such ghastly murder. The true human beings who love humanity are being murdered by the fanatics who boast of pious religious followers. They are not religious followers but they are just criminals -. Whether it is Islam or Hindu or Christian. They should know that no one is born religious person : he acquired the religion from the society he is born.
    As SAHIR said
    “Tum Hindu banaga Na musalman banega
    Insaan ki aulaad hai insaan banega ….”

  2. Shamsul Islam says:

    KS Babu your absolutely right. If Khuda was against music, He would not have created it!