UK Leaves Collective Order For Dead Glory


Dreams of Jean Monet and Robert Schuman; the founding architects of European Union, are shattered as finally UK has decided that it would not remain part of the EU. The exit group got 51.9% votes, not a robust majority but still enough to kill the philosophy of integration at the continental level.

The referendum was epic battle between the imperialist psychology and the survival psychology. The imperialistic thoughts always pushed UK to keep outside of the EU in order to preserve the faded status of the world power whereas the pro EU supporter had realized that UK was now a spent force which had once ruled the undeveloped countries of the world by cheating, exploitation and coercion. The imperialists lost the Second World War in realistic terms but this battle was won due to reemergence of imperialistic-nationalist ideas in the UK.

The past glories are faded and the commands of the world politics are now over. Now UK is a second rate power and survives as the second fiddle to the USA, another power which is also losing its sheen due to multitudinous involvements for not always the just reasons in the global politics. USA is on decline in terms of strength; as the UK lost not suddenly but gradually when its coercion became unbearable to the native people of the colonies.

The vote for exit from EU was argued on the ground that it will benefit the UK, historically pungent arguments; once the country was trading in the world and siphoning of the money and wealth from the colonies in unrestricted manner, which contributed in the development of affluence for it, but after Second World War all was lost. In fact UK was not USA that it could develop anything unparallel for the global market in which USA succeeded; the result was explicit that UK’s wealth in pre Second World War days was not the result of its smart technological inventions but it was outcome of its economic exploitation of colonized countries.

The vote also shows the intra societal conflict where a lady Labour Party MP JO Cox was killed by the ultra radicals showing that a country which is credited to have given the world the parliamentary democracy now moves towards the politics of criminalization and violence; a feature of the nascent democracies but matured democracies if experience such violent activities then it suggests that not everything is good in the county. The ills in the body politic are easily viewable and those who taught others the moral lessons in the politics are now in the process of getting doomed. This is because of the immoral practices done by the top leaders as Tony Blair lied the world about WMD in Iraq. The moral edifice of the politics was weakened by such lies. Killing of Cox is show of political madness; the base of which was prepared by political leaders themselves. Today PM David Cameroon has decided to step down as his appeals were ignored by the voters; in reality it was he himself who had propagated the idea of leaving the EU. “David Cameron’s ideas on the relationship of the UK with the European Union can be discerned in his ‘future of the European Union’ speech, delivered at Bloomberg on January 23, 2013. He identified three major problems for the EU. “First, the problems in the Euro zone are driving fundamental change in Europe. Second, there is a crisis of European competitiveness, as other nations across the world soar ahead. And third, there is a gap between the EU and its citizens which has grown dramatically in recent years.” The major conclusion of the speech was that the EU has not served its purpose and the UK may find a new path, one different from the EU.(VKS, Election Results in UK and the Twin Questions of Scotland and European Union, Mainstream, May 16, 2015)

The pro EU vote also shows the intra state conflicts within the EU zone. Realists now want to shield some of the privileges which it does not want to share with the other members; particularly after the influx of refugees in the European countries.

The exit EU referendum needs to be seen in the perspective of the use of EU as a political tool by US. The US has controlled the European continent by NATO; EU which was the result of intra continental economic forces after the Second World War has been now used by USA for its geostrategic gains, when EU ventured into Ukraine not to the liking of the Russia. EU after the vote needs to understand that its illogical arguments against Russian interests have weakened it in final way.

These truths have come up with the exit EU vote in the UK. The political behavior of UK will now be watched more closely. The independent existence by UK was lost the day it had become the second level ally of USA; it has exercised all its imperialistic thinking with respect to EU; and now it wants to express itself as a power to be reckoned in European affairs but as long as it remains economically weak and small partner to USA, its destiny is without any progressive light.

The negative vote has reasserted the imperialistic and nationalist urge of the UK which was well expressed by the conservative party in the country. From Margaret Thatcher to David Cameron it was quite visible. Due to such psyche it never participated in the Schengen Visa regime. It always kept its borders closed for the non EU members, now it has capacity to restrict the flow of other European fellows in the country. The isolationist policy is followed by the countries when ultra radicals capture the power structures. The indications are there that in USA it may happen if Trump wins. In UK it happened because UK now wants to reignite itself again but time has changed.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Vice Chairman CSSP, Consultant CRIEPS, e mail-[email protected]

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