i sent you                a postcard

neat                     6×4 inch

slab avalanche of              grief

disfigured                 black flag

punched with                 pellets

the                    night sky’s

braille                   ligatures

from where                     stars

have been                 dislodged

grains of                        sand

scraped from under my        feet

*Braille for Post Card From Kashmir

Binu Karunakaran is poet from Kochi, Kerala Twitter @litemeter


  1. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    When I was strolling to meet you
    They surrounded me from all sides
    Shot pallets which encircled round me
    Blinded my life but not my vision
    Still… I shall come and meet you
    Shake my hands firmly with you
    Both of us shall walk towards
    Eternal light …

  2. Avatar Gary Corseri says:

    Powerful… and sad.

    At first, I wondered about the typography, the lines broken as they are, the spaces between phrases. But, a good poem persuades us to read it again &/or to share it. And, on 2nd reading, I saw that this is the best way to arrange the thoughts, the ideas of terror that we can only grasp moment by moment, onrushing in fragments–bullets in the consciousness of these times.

    (And, I, too, would like to thank you, Sheshu, for your appropriate and excellent response.)

    I shall disseminate this poem, let you know where else (properly accredited) it appears.

  3. Avatar Gary Corseri says:

    P.S. Excellent photo-match, too!