A Welcome Move By Irom Sharmila:SSSC


Press Release by Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign

New Delhi, 27 July 2016: Save sharmila Solidarity Campaign welcomes decision of Irom Sharmila to break her fast in coming days. SSSC believes that it is a befitting reply to Government’s ignorance of her sixteen years of fast where an extra ordinary example of non violent appeal was made with the govt with demand to repeal AFSPA, but government not only ignored it and even tried to suppress it through lodging criminal cases against Sharmila.

SSSC knows about how Sharmila always told that she is just a common person without having any desire to be remembered as hero or to idolise her, but support and love of people recognised her for her extra ordinary struggle. This extra ordinary struggle also shows that how any common person with his/her commitment towards people’s welfare , can pave the way of future.

This time, there is a strong need to believe that coming in mainstream life will break the prison walls for Irom Sharmila and she would be able to live a life along with her contribution in struggle of people with all her capacity. What she are leaving behind will always be in history books of human rights and non violence.

SSSC observes that by this move to announce breaking her fast shows that proof of failure of elected government of state and centre who never tried to meet her and to work on her demand. For a country like India, fast of Irom Sharmila was already a highlighted one and was seen as shameful for government and now when it is clear that government has not even moved an inch on this issue, Sharmila’s decision to leave the struggle kept the blame upon government.

Struggle of repealing AFSPA is struggle of people and must be fought by people together. Non violence should be the way and utilising democratic resources may be proved efficient in the struggle.

As after breaking her fast, she would be free from criminal charges legally and SSSC is hopeful that she would be allowed to exercise her right of movement, SSSC would be honoured to invite her in Delhi for her first public lecture after consultation with her. An all India delegation of SSSC would soon visit her in coming month.

SSSC believes and demands that AFSPA must be repealed soon from all areas of North East and J&K. Save Sharmila Campaign will continue its struggle till Repeal of AFSPA from all areas.

Ravi Nitesh
Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign
Contact: [email protected]

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