Tears Of Guantanamo: Dear Slahi — On Your Release


Wonderful, the news were flashes while stating that you are cleared for the release! But the questions arise over and over.  14 years or otherwise 5110 days of your life was behind the bars with no charge in the Guantanamo prison, one of the most deplorable and ruinous places in present days.

Then, they have “cleared” you. Do we need anything else to understand the distorted ruling pattern we lived? There is no exception, the power works on the same pattern though the tone may be different.

Are we human or the subjects? No doubt, we all know the fact. On the one hand, “legitimised” authority is hunting us; on the other hand, armed fundamentalism is after us. We are suffering from the both sides.

You’ve cleared yourself, they say. Cleared from what; I am confused! Have you begrimed or disarrayed, so then the authorities helped in cleaning? So they “kidnapped” people and locked-up with not telling anything to clean, how sweet!

What exactly they have cleaned; I am confused!

How many more are they going to clear?

How many are yet to be taken away?

The history is all about this clearance! Yes, much earlier the drones, no-man spy, taken our every cell of remaining privacy of humanity, the history is full of forced clearance.

They’ve “cleared” the red Indians to proclaim the sovereignty.

They’ve “cleared” the hundreds thousands of Japanese by wiping out in a moment by using atoms to grab the credit when USSR was winning over Japanese emperor army.

They’ve “cleared” the Afghans when red army sneaking in to the Afghan soil to clear by their own way.

They’ve “cleared” the Vietnamese when the red flags were moving in the name of revolution.

They’ve “cleared” the uncounted numbers of bystanders in Laos and Cambodia while crossing the sky towards hunting freedom fighters in Vietnam.

They’ve “cleared” so many grounds in Africa, Latin America and elsewhere, whenever there was a resistance against the corrupted system which manipulating basics rights of the people.

They’ve “cleared” Afghanistan for the second time, right after the mysterious attack on the twin towers and 5-sided polygon shaped pentagon.

They’ve “cleared” Iraq as the second step to find out culprits for the Mysterious attack named as 9/11.

They’ve “cleared”; we suffered; then again they’ve “cleared”; again we suffered. They will continue their “cleaning missions”.

Then they’ve locked up the “suspects” to eliminate “terrorism”, the manufactured concept to conquer anyone who moves.

However, it is indeed nothing to something the news about your release. But many who are still behind the bars merely on suspicion were “insufficient” to be cleared.

Nonetheless, many reports indicate the history where you were taken arms against the USSR to protect your land. It further says you have given up the armed struggle as you came into the conclusion on the meaningless violence.

That was the lesson many those who are counting blood in the name of liberation yet to be learnt. Nothing can be changed in the system when the system itself is revolting against those who opposed violence.

From Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo, from Dallas to the local police station in our villages, a common lesson to be learnt. When the arbitrariness ruled the world, impartiality has to run away from the backdoor!  When the liberty is compromised for a little security, the arbitrariness emerged as the legitimacy. The clutches of “clearance” are prevailing between those lines.

Will your clearance teach a lesson to those who are locking up their own people with no charge in other nations?

Nilantha Ilangamuwa edits the Sri Lanka Guardian, an online daily newspaper, and he also an editor of the Torture: Asian and Global Perspectives, bi-monthly print magazine. He is the author of the just released non-fictions, “Nagna Balaya” (The Naked Power), in Sinhalese and “The Conflation”, in English. He can be reached at [email protected]

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