Ahwazi Protesters Demonstrate Against Recent Iranian Executions At Iran’s Embassy In Brussels


Members of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz (ASMLA) held a demonstration in front of the Iranian regime’s embassy in the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Friday August 26 to condemn the execution of three more sons of the Ahwazi resistance. The three young men, identified as Qais Disher Saleh, Ahmed Disher Saleh and Sajjad Hamid Saleh, were executed by the regime nine days earlier on August 17.

The demonstrators waved the national flag of Ahwaz and held pictures and banners depicting some of the crimes perpetrated by the Iranian state against Ahwazis, including executions and arbitrary arrests, as well as chanting slogans condemning the recent executions and unjust sentences passed by the regime courts against a number of Ahwazis, most recently the long sentences against two more members of the ASMLA.

A number of people from the Ahwazi expatriate community took part in the protest, along with Arab and non-Arab supporters of the cause of Ahwazi freedom. At the end of the demonstration, Mr. Issa Mehdi Fakhar of the ASMLA’s information office read out a final statement calling for the world and its human rights organisations and institutions to bear their moral and humanitarian responsibilities and to stand by the people in who are being subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide by Iranian state policy.

The ASMLA’s statement said that the Iranian state had been encouraged in its inhuman crimes in the wake of the US and Western nations opening up to the regime, which it took as a green light to commit more physical violations against the Ahwazi people in Iran.

The ASMLA is sadly unsurprised by the US’ tolerance and support of the Iranian regime’s crimes, the statement said, adding that all the non-Iranian peoples of the Middle East are now being victimised by the regime, which it said is the primary regional source of terror, subversion, murder and instability.


The Ahwazi people are today counting on those free voices that have worked faithfully for security, peace and stability in the Arab and Western worlds and globally, the statement continued, urging all freedom movements and people of good faith worldwide to stand up for truth and justice and condemn the inhuman crimes perpetrated by the Iranian regime on a daily basis against the Ahwazi, Kurdish, Baluchis and Turkish Azeri peoples in the geographic entity known as Iran.

The ASMLA stressed that the full responsibility for the consequences of the monstrous and inhuman policies of the Iranian regime lies with those who empower it to perpetrate such crimes and to deny the people their rights, further warning that the regime’s continuing executions and brutal oppression against Ahwazis and other minorities and Iranian dissidents would certainly lead to a backlash, which would be the natural result of the excessive violence practiced by this rogue state.

The ASMLA demanded that the international community take steps to put pressure on the Iranian state to end the mass execution of activists and dissidents in Iran and to compel the regime to abide by international treaties and human rights legislation, calling on the United Nations and international institutions to carry out their duties towards the Ahwazi people and others in Iran by visiting the different parts of the country and monitoring conditions there.

For decades, the Persian shahs and ayatollahs of Iran have been trying systematically to eradicate Ahwazi Arabs from their oil-rich Al-Ahwaz region in the south and southwest corner of the country, forcing Arabs people by every possible means off the land where their ancestors have lived for ages.

The result, Ahwazi activists say, is the occupation of a forgotten homeland in the heart of the Middle East that almost nobody knows about — an occupation, Ahwazis contend, that has stripped Arabs of more land than is at issue in the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians.

Khalaf Al Kaabi an Ahwazi rights advocate

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