Anuragi: A Musical Journey


Tell us something about you and your band; how you started your journey in music and how did you come together?

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : I was born and raised in a small town of Hamirpur, district of UP. My father is a musician and a table player. Since school days I was always a bright student. I started writing poetry since childhood.

With sincerity and hard work I cracked the entrance exam and got admission into SN Medical College, Agra for MBBS degree. During the grueling years of studying medicine, I fueled my love for music by learning guitar on my own.  I am a self-taught musician groomed by my mentor Abhishek Singh and some friends, whom I met during graduation years. From there started my tryst with music.

Post MBBS, I cracked the entrance exam for post-graduation again and took admission for MD in one of India’s finest institution, Banaras Hindu University (BHU). But the dedicated musician in me went along there as well and continued exploring.

Musical Journey and Formation of Band

Inception: As a college band (2010)

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : During Post Graduation days I nurtured my music in spite of having busy schedule, studying & working hard in the hospital.

‘Anuragi’ founded by Dr Rajesh Anuragi in 2010 with his younger brother Dr Ashish Anuragi and juniors Dr Harshit Srivastava and Dr Arindam  Roy &Dr Pradumn Bhargava, as a college band, when they were in college pursuing their medical career. ‘Anuragi’ became the first medico’s band in Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

Abhishek Singh joined the band as Guitarist in late 2011. Rajesh Anuragi met Shantanu Hasabn is when he was recording their Demos at Pune and decided to work together. Later on Kshitij Thapar on Drums, Bharat Gulati on Bass & Subhashish Sam on Lead Guitar joined the band for live acts. Since then Band took many alterations and changes with the time including MohitVig as lead guitarist, to become a professional band.

Professional Beginning: Anuragi (2012)

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : ‘Anuragi’ started their professional music journey with the release of a self-named ‘EP’ containing 3 songs on 15th August 2012. Since then there is no looking back.

Currently ‘Anuragi’ includes:

Dr Rajesh Anuragi – Songwriting, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Dr Ashish Anuragi – Songwriting

Abhishek Singh – Songwriting, Guitars (Studio)

Abhyuday Pharasi – Lead Guitar

Bobbin Afroz Masih – Bass, Back Vocals

Ashish Mishra – Keys, Back Vocals

Surya Singh – Drums

Musical Journey so far:

Rajesh Anuragi, Ashish Anuragi and Abhishek Singh do Song writing and Compositions for ‘Anuragi’. Anuragi’s music is dribbled with Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop-Rock, Acoustic & more to say Hindi-Rock genre, has got great song writing blended with Hindi & Urdu words.

  • Released their self-titled first professional ‘EP’ with 3 songs on 15th Aug 2012.

  • ‘Times Music’ worldwide released Anuragi’s debut album ‘Nishaani’ on 29th August 2013.

  • Subsequently, ‘Nishaani’ Music Video was released on YouTube and now broadcasting on Pepsi MTV Indies television channel.

  • Anuragi has released a singles ‘Bachpan’ from upcoming  2nd album titled ‘Zaher’ in January 2015.

  • Anuragi’s 2nd studio album ‘Zaher’ is out now, released by ‘Songdew’ on 7th August 2015.

  • Anuragi’s Official Music Video for new single #Aazadi has been released on 15th August, 2016.

What inspired you to pursue music as a career in spite of spending so many golden years of your life in medicine?

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : Yes, I studied hard to become a doctor but inside me there was a poet and musician who were growing over the years. I am a sensitive person to the society, sufferings, evils of society, love, hatred etc. In all those years, I wrote lot of poetry and composed them. I was always wanted be heard, and music is the only thing I have got to reach the people. Once I finished my studies, I decided to take a chance and when I entered in this, which became a way of my life.

As most of the artists are making truly commercial music (party songs, romantic songs etc.), you have created songs dedicated to the evils of society and social causes. You have also performed for various social causes. What inspired you to take that risk, as you could be type casted?

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : First of all, I am not worried about being type casted at all. And it’s not that I have written and composed songs for social causes only, both of my albums contain most of the songs on romance and love. But yes, I wrote many songs on social issues like honor killing; freedom; evils of society like casteism, corruption; untouchability; moral policing; religion etc. Some of them are released like “Aazadi”, on 15th August 2016. And rest are lined up for the release. What inspired me to write on the social causes? Well, I already told you that I am sensitive person. Whatever wrong I see in the society, it would be reflected in my songs. And your life is itself a great teacher, and I am its good student.

Which are some of the artists who have inspired you?

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : Although, some of Indian artist has made big in Independent music scene but I’m pretty much inspired from artist from the west. I am a self-taught musician; I write and compose my songs. That’s why I like western artist because they use to write their music on their own. Unfortunately, In India, scenario is just opposite. Here music format always be considered as a part of Films, and that’s why Independent music industry never came up front.

Anyways, I’m influenced from Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Hinder, Avril, Scorpions from the west. Sifar, Indian Ocean & Euphoria from India.

You have been in and around the “Alternate Rock/Pop Rock” from a long time. How much do you think it has changed during these years? What difficulties you had to face then which bands now a days don’t have to worry about?

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : Modification and blending of genres always happened. It has been changed and taken new sound from time to time and artist to artist. Though, in India we are much focused into Rock now, but in the west sound of Alternative and Pop Rock has been modified and changed a lot from yesteryears.

Difficulty being an Independent Artist is not getting a platform to get your music to the audience as mass. However, you are creating good music but ultimately it will become unheard due to lack of reach to the audience. Now a day, no record labels are putting money on independent artists and there is no showcase for them on TV, Channels, Media, Radio, Newspapers etc. so ultimately Artist’s music will become unheard from most of the audience. Yes, digital platform is good for spreading your music but there is no revenue for the artists from this. And ultimately artist gone unpaid, unheard. That’s the frustration most of the independent artists had.

Second difficulty being an Independent artist is getting live shows and song selection. If you get shows, organizers ask you to play Bollywood songs. And if you have to earn money from only source that’s live gigs, you have to play those songs. Ultimately, on a track of earning money, your music will become unheard again now which it already was. And you cannot make your own identity by playing someone else’s songs, if you to build your own identity you have to play your music for sure.

What would be your message to the aspiring bands and artists?

Dr Rajesh Anuragi : Well, I’m not in such position to give inspiration message to upcoming artists/bands, but I would like to share my thoughts, which I really meant and applied for my musical journey. Create, write, and compose your own music. If you really want to be known by your name, you should have to create your own music.

How can people connect to you?

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Write to:[email protected]

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