India Street dog photo
Photo by A Surya Teja cc

The tender coconut that you once gave me
Was certainly more tasty,
Than a nation you have offered
To keep me alive and to shape a meaning
For your existence than mine!

In spite of my greatest efforts
To teach your words
My dog never feels
That he is an Indian.

K.P Sasi is a film maker. Email:

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    You are feeding us pallets
    And making us drink blood
    Sleep us on funeral pyre
    And yet we are not Indian

    You are afraid of our voice
    You are afraid of our choice
    You are afraid of your own shadow
    Which makes you grope in the dark

    We know what is darkness
    And are not afraid of it anymore
    Because we know that sunlight
    Has to proceed darkness

    You are afraid of our freedom
    Afraid that you will loose the beauty
    Peep into your minds
    To find that you are ugly

    We have the right to self-determination
    We want to be a seperate’ nation
    We want freedom from the fetters
    Of both India and Pakistan

    At least now, recognise our desires
    And peacefully depart from our land
    We can still be loving neighbours
    With peaceful co- existence

    Come out from the narrow confines of country
    Leave pseudo- nationalism and patriotism
    Widen the scope of humanity
    Liberty, equality and fraternity….!!