In the Shade of Fallen Chinar | Film | Kashmir | Music - Art - Resistance

“In the shade of fallen chinar” is a short documentary that was shot in kashmir valley a few days before the current unrest began, It takes a peep into the lives of a group of young kashmiri artist’s who are also University students. It talks about the factors that inspires their art and how it takes the form of resistance in a conflict ridden Valley.

Directed by Fazil Nc and Shawn Sebastian.
Editing : Appu Bhattathiri.
Cinematography : Fazil Nc.

Music : Ali Saffudin.
Featured artists : Syed Shahriyar, Saba Nazki, Ovais Ahmad, Mu’Azzam Bhat, Ali Saffudin, Khytul Abyad , Tabiah Qari.
Rap : Mu’Azzam Bhat.

Photography © : Syed Shahriyar.
Clash Footages : Zubair

VFX : Arunlal Pillai (MINDSTEAN STUDIOS , Chennai)
Designer : Nizam Kadri ( CAVEMEN’S ARK, Calicut)