The Kashmir experienced most difficult challenge in present time due to conflict. The conflict broughtcataclysmic impact on the entire Kashmir related to large scale economic loss,societal disorder , Educational Backwardness , Mass psychological Depression , forced Brutalization , oppressionetc.The conditions of everyday life are in threat.Consequently, the generation was gone astray in this social inferno. Conflict affects all segments among the suffering groups; the youth also stand at the top of qualitatively as well as quantitatively. This group endured more than other groups in their life of work and future.  They lost everything they had. Some among them were exterminated, killed, tormented,battered, harassed and handicapped. Tragically, their fundamental rights have been quelled. They confronted the problem of state suppression. Thousands of Kashmiri youth became the target of radicalism. The reason offered was they were labeled as insurgents, dissenters, and extremists. Their psychological and physical development is ruined. The level of psychosocial misfortunes is impossible to gauge.

For a youth generation of Kashmir, the constant hyper-nearness of military and paramilitary in their lives is the evidence in the aforementioned that they live in horror and restrictions. Youth in Kashmir have only seen armed forces with lethal weaponries, Military hegemony enters every facet of life,Restrictions,curfews and closures are intermittent. Mis-governance, hopefulness, broken promises, deaths and destructions made every Kashmiri especially youth shaky.In the ongoing protest, nearly 69 people were killed; most of them were youth or students. The fomenting young people are from the cohort born during early 90s. The era (1980-1990) is a persecuted era; they have confronted the lot of ruthless repression.In the continuous unsettling, this persecuted era gives asset to challenge/stone-pelting (kani-jung).In the continuous unsettling, this persecuted era gives asset to protest/stone-pelting (kani-jung).The present uprising has changed the entire Kashmir into bloodletting, apprehension and misfortune. Everyone in Kashmir is the victim of this tumult.The resentment is more visible among deprived and oppressed segments of society. The currentuprising has changed the whole Kashmir into carnage, fear and loss. Everybody in Kashmir is the victim of this tumult. The way security forces are vexing to fit   on Kashmiri youth is beyond the imagination of anyone. In a nutshell, the security constrains completely inundated the Valley with lethal arms. Youth continue to suffer Even after militancy was reduced to a vast degree. Majority of people mostly youth lost their lives.In Kashmir, everybody has a sensation of uncertainty for each other.Guardians have sentiment unreliability, sisters feel shaky for their siblings and vice versa.

Ironically, the political parties in Kashmir stand divided in politics of Jammu and Kashmir. Youth have become increasingly isolated and dissatisfied with democratic setup of India. They have complete disillusionment with the politics and representatives, with the decisions and decision makers, all political parties have history of adopting process of political exploitation. The response of state government towards subjugated/angry youth of valley has not been convincing and satisfactory. Both center and state government failed to resolve the demands of youth,instead of resolving their demands, they deepened the alienation among them, the alienation among youth arises because of political disempowerment in state.

It is commonsensical to know when there is trust deficit between people and political arrangement of the state; the youth turns into unrest and adopts the way of uprising or protest.A protest expresses a strong expression of happenings or conditions. In Kashmir, the government braced human expression by overwhelming their expressions, thanlibertycatches itsconceivable route either through slogans or through rocks or other violent means. Irrespective of so-called democratic political setup in Jammu and Kashmir, the resentment of youthon its streets remains. The fundamental reason is political victimization, oppression and state suppression. People of Kashmir are feeling politically and economically disempowered. Youth wenttheirresentment with political system through confrontation because they find no way for expressing their political opinion, they prefer to hurl stones. The most effectiveexpression of changes in Kashmir’s politics was the massive street demonstrations. The stone- peltingin this wayhas entered each edgeof Kashmir as the distinguishingexpression of the demonstration.

In response to protest, Security forces used disproportionate, often lethal force in the face of teenagers. The state responds to non-violent protest with ferocity that explicitly creates, rather than simply exposes, a lack of status quo in Kashmir. In Kashmir, the Army and paramilitary forces maneuvers  under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), which gives armed forces  authorization to fire upon or otherwise use force even to the extent  of causing death , it has acted as an incentive to bellicose behavior and   have little external check on their actions. The armed forces in Kashmir use such draconian decrees as buffer their violent behavior. In response to the protest, the government is using the public safety act (PSA/Lawless Law)or indiscriminately using pelle tguns on protesters.

Kashmiri youth uprising or turmoil is not for the sake of any developmental concerns or employment but the tyrannical approach of the state. If India wants stability in Kashmir,first it needs to acknowledge Kashmir a dispute that needs to resolve with the consent of people of Kashmir. If masses of Kashmir will not be set free, than the future of Kashmir and Kashmiri youth will be extremely very agonizing and dreadful“.

Mir Suhail  is Research Scholar, University of Kashmir Department of Sociology Email: mirsuhailscholar@gmail.com

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Political repression is alienating Kashmiri youth. The state government, though elected one, is not representing Kashmiri people. It has become a stooge of the central government. This is adding to further repression, ironically by the same politicians who claim to represent Kashmir.

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