Protest In Toronto For Abdul Wahid Baloch


The   atrocities of Pakistan in the  Balochistan are well known at the global level. To save its skin it has shifted the blame n the neighboring   country like India. Its coercive methods have adversely impacted the local Baloch leaders and the common fellows along with the human right activists and all those who protest against such atrocities. The recent incident comes in light when on 26th July the human right activist and the editor of a newspaper Abdul Wahid Baloch was taken away allegedly by the Pakistan security forces and his whereabouts are still unknown. The abduction was not registered in the local police station, Gadap.

He is well respected human right activist who has come in direct confrontation with the security agencies and had to face the coercion of the authorities of a country which has very poor records on human rights. the disappearance of  Abdul Wahid was not a small issue and in Toronto, Canada few days back, The Baloch National Movement (BNM) organized  a protest which was well participated by the people.

This is a a gross violation of the fundamental human rights and Pakistan is involved in carrying  it out in a constant manner. The security forces activities have  been highly criticized and has received the international attention. The most important point is that the violation was protested in a far located country where Baloch collected and demanded the immediate release of Abdul Wahid.

Dr. Zafar Baloch the organizer of BNM ( North America) has demanded that Wahid who was  human rights defender of Baloch culture should be saved at any cost. He has asked that every country and human rights preserver should intervene and get his life saved. The Baloch National Movement has demanded the intervention by the international bodies including the UNO.

Pakistan is grossly involved in the violation of the human rights violations, in which the forced abduction is a major component of the violation which has been criticized even within the Pakistan and Supreme Court also took its note. The role of Pakistan is highly disturbing because it has played the violent card in the Kashmir valley where it has been involved in the funding of a militant section of the society. This policy is on the similar lines on which Saudi Arabia and Turkey are walking. Turkey has recently supported Pakistan to send a team of OIC in Kashmir. This move is well thought move as being the close friend of Pakistan, Turkey has now decided to align with Pakistan like weak countries and take advantage their inability to deal the emerging challenges within the country;   simultaneously to lead the orthodox Muslim countries leadership as its hopes of visa free travel to EU have been weakened and Turkey may dissociate with the EU on this point. Erdogan himself is involved in this policy shift due to his conservative and authoritarian view. The Turkey- Pakistan fusion is structured on the friendship of authoritarian ship. The leadership in Pakistan knows that at the international level its credibility is highly weakened and the episode in Kashmir gave it no breather which it dealt in highly unsuccessful manner.  Its celebration of militancy was rejected at the global level.

Pakistan’s approach appears to be based on two major premises that India should be blamed for the Baloch problems and in the background carry on the human rights violations; second move closer to those regimes which are authoritarian and coercive, the China and Turkey become the  natural choice. Pakistan is well aware that at the global level China will come for its aid when it will be criticized by the world community. It has chosen Turkey for the same reason in the Moslem world if ever any related problem arises then Turkey will come for its help. Its another ally Saudi Arabia is also there to help it out if there are any human rights violations issue emerge.

The sad point of the story is that US has supported these three countries except China on the illogical grounds. Its allies UK have sold the weapons to Saudi Arabia in the recent time  which are being used to violate the human rights. Turkey under the leadership of Erdogan was supported by USA and US never looked in his authoritarian working style and the conservative   governance;  after the attempted coup US which is now a target of Erdogan may perhaps take note of the violations.

In this global scenario where all the violators of human rights stand together and their criticism is likely to be blocked by China, the super power for these countries and leader in the human rights violations; they find themselves safe.

In this background the issue of Abdul Wahid is very difficult to find any support from the big powers but the human rights workers and defenders can at least raise the real issue of the Pakistan’s atrocities and the low level of governance.  The province of Balochistan is maltreated and Pakistan always shuts the voice of those citizens who ever think to voice their concerns; the same story runs in the illegally occupied POK where the local people are continually under stress and  the human rights violations are not allowed to reach the world community. The immediate point   although is to raise the voice for Abdul Wahid and to slam the group of four which are main violators and the cause of problems for the common people. The need is to unite against these; by the local people and the people of the world at large.

Dr. Vivek Kumar Srivastava is Vice Chairman CSSP, Consultant CRIEPS, e [email protected]

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