Braving The Bullets And Facing The Pellet Plight

A teargas shell fired by Indian police explodes during a protest by Kashmiri demonstrators after Eid al-Adha prayers in Srinagar September 25, 2015. Hundreds of demonstrators on Friday protested against a beef ban order by a state court in India's Kashmir, local media reported. REUTERS/Danish Ismail

26 years ago in the summer of 1989, the Kashmir Valley was in the grip of full-fledged rebel insurrection. Hordes of young, Kalashnikov-wielding men were roaming the streets and neighbourhoods of Srinagar capital and the valley’s other towns like Baramulla, Anantnag and Sopore. The sound of gunfires and explosions mingled with chants of azaadi emanating from demonstrations large and small. People from all strata of society took part in protests against Indian rule, and now past 26 years, again the wave of rebel resurgence emanated in the valley with every single soul singing the azadi taranaas and participatung in the much change-turner pro freedom rallies that virtually as a blessing in disguise had shakled the indian atrocious mindset back at delhi locale. And in that wake to combat the resurrection, Indian security forces, led by federal paramilitary police units flown in by the central government, are fighting a desperate battle to stem the tidal wave of insurgency and popular uprising sweeping in the valley from past more than two months now.

A lethal combination of Indian repression and youth manipulation of the situation is bringing it towards a close end to the most spontaneous and popular phase of the azaadi movement. But that did not signal an end to the cycle of strife and violence. Scores of youth have been blinded & maimed for the entire life, but that too does not put an end to the horrendous episode of adaazi version. It is for the very first time that so number of pellets have been fired on protesters to quell the uprising which has paid in the form of deaths, injuries for whole life and has taken away the blessing of eyes. As the streets are prepared for the worst, the unarmed & unmanned youth from the strife torn valley are up with stones to face the Indian atrocities. They know that a stone is not going to get them the much awaited revolution, but for sure it disturbs the immediate stability of Indian diplomatic establishment at Delhi and more than that it sends a clarified message to the world peace keepers to look at the atrocities and vicious nature of enforcement agencies in the valley facing worst ever human rights violation and violence.

The abandoning of Kalashnikov for stone is proving more powerfull to the armed infantries that it was to them back in nineties when every rebellion was carrying the gun to challenge the administered rule. It is a double edged sword, that youth educated, innovative and professionals are joining the militant ranks and without using the power of arms, they are using their intelligence and rationale bend of mind to destroy their enemy. This joining of young pool to militant ranks in consensus with local young pool who back them through profound measures & pro-freedom rallies and gatherings, fuel up the exhumed situation and turn it challenging and uncontrollable for the deployments. This not only proves forcible challenge but it postposes economical futility as well to Indian accords. This vicious cycle of disturbance sends clear signals, irrespective of Indian media portraying wrong in their displays, what Kashmiris want and for what they have been struggling to achieve from past almost 3 decades now. The Indian democratic though more aristocratic setup may cover it’s atrocious infliction in the valley, but truth can never be hidden, for it evokes with full potential to destroy the inflictors of cruelty and violence.

It is now high time for both the Indian mainstreamers and world peace keeping authorities to come forward and have a thorough probe on the killings of innocent kashmiris and on the human rights violations they have been violating since the insurgency started in the late eighties. Time is not looking so far now when india will recognize and ascertain this fact that Kashmir has been put under deep under-expression, psychological & physical trauma since the struggle for self determination started in the valley. They will a will have to free Kashmir, for Kashmir stands a land of peace, beauty, humility, and kindness to humanity all over.

Author is PG in Biotechnology with Gold Medal of Excellence, currently Working at CSIR IIIM Jammu as Research Scholar in the department of Experimental Toxicology & Pharmacology,
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Sheikh Umar Ahmad

Sheikh Umar Ahmad is freelancer and currently working as DST INSPIRE at Regional Research Laboratory Jammu.

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