Do We Need Eco-Friendly media or Citizen Friendly Media?

dhaka blood

You wake up in the morning pretending to be fresh in this world full of gadgets making you sleep at 4 a.m., the first thing in today’s world you do is not rushing towards the most peaceful place shedding the load of junk you ate last night, but what you do is grabbing the gadget which did not let you sleep, you switch on you Internet data and bang!There comes the series of notifications first one telling you how many well-wishers on WhatsApp want to wish you good morning with bad quality jpg image and spam you with quotes, the second notification is die trying to tell your horoscope, predicting your day with your crush and boss, the third one is of course the irritating updates while the fourth one is the ‘news’ which is supposed to keep you abreast of this world.

Well today we are going to talk about this fourth notification the news/ media. We believe in whatever we are served by the media, of course we do not have time to check the authenticity of how much of information is true or false. And this fact creates of not having enough time creates market for plethora of reporters and the interesting thing is, this media is going to follow you, wherever you move from facebook in the Internet to the Television channels making mountain out of molehill until you stop ignoring the news.

Taking recent example only the images circulated on the Internet of the ‘Blood Rivers’ flowing in the streets of ‘Dhaka’ created a ruckus from among the newly turned animal activists having a saffron heart to those having liberal mind who meekly nodded to the criticism framed and manufactured over the ‘cruel act’ practiced on the eve of Eid-al-Adha by the Media.

The pictures where hugely shoved on the facebook timelines as well as on whatsapp , they were discussed here and there and the cruelty which the animals were facing due to the ritual. In the television also news channels did not lag behind, the most beloved beacon of Nationalism Zee News through its hugely competent anchor was having a panel discussion on this ‘ruthless custom’ of Qurbani. Panel discussion had hugely intellectual panelist who had everything to discuss but the real issues. Zee news once again following its own custom gave the judgment in the same style presided by the same judges but as usual upon the fake facts as the videos and pictures showcasing the river of blood were photo shopped. But who cares? The truth came out after a day that the poor drainage lead to such a scene in the city of Dhaka where a separate space for slaughtering is provided, until then from social media to print and electronic media fatwas were issued against the Muslims to refrain from such practices and celebrate an eco-friendly Eid.

Keeping aside the clamor from Animal Rights activist who do have a real concern over the animal treatment and who actually work 24X7 to check cruelties in the name of customs and religion, taking the case of these nationalists one should ask is this concern Real? Or is it animosity against the Muslims and backwards which is coming out of their chests in the name of animal Rights? Why no hue and cry over the blood flowing in the streets of Kashmir? Why only during Eid these newly turned Animal activists come out of their grave covered up with the soil of hatred and ignorance the whole year? Animal sacrifice has been a custom in Hinduism also taking the case of Karni Temple in the West from Rajasthan to the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, animal sacrifice is not a special ritual which is followed on a special day in these temple rather it is practiced on a daily basis. No one discusses the treatment done to the horses which are used in the marriage ceremony and last year only one Neta from the highly nationalist party injured a horse in fit of anger.

This whole propaganda is scripted by the giant working from the backstage controlling few media houses and stirring the public emotions which break out in form of shameful incidents like Muzzaffar Nagar and Aklaq’s beef row. All these incidents have a connection, yes a connection! As these incidents are nothing but the episodes of a Propaganda Series written, produced and Directed by Right Wing Production House.

What citizens of India must right now do is to take a look at which India our freedom fighters dreamt of, for which India they died and for which Freedom they fought. It is not a tough task we just have to remove the dust from all the books like Hind Swaraj, Discovery of India and many more kept in the forgotten shelves which are on the verge of getting removed from the chapters of History. Rather than getting enraged by an unknown video from an unknown source with fuzzy authenticity, we must think,are these the real issues media must address and think? Are these issues which should attract a panel discussion, one must think as a Nation where were we heading and where have we arrived?

Ashutosh Ranga is a 4th Year Law student at Institute of Law,Nirma University, Ahemdabad. Email: – [email protected].

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