We, the people of India and Pakistan, stand in solidarity with each other to speak out against war in any form because, in war, we are all losers regardless of who might appear to win.

We hope that the elected representatives of both countries will exercise restraint, and act with wisdom, in the interests of lasting peace in our region, which alone can ensure economic progress and political stability.

We urge our leaders to come up with creative diplomatic solutions instead of engaging in a violent display of military might that threatens to destroy precious human life and natural resources.

We are determined to end the hostility that has festered between our nations since 1947, so that we can collectively work on the challenges that our common to us: climate change, terrorism, and widespread social injustice.

We want India and Pakistan to make a joint commitment to promote a culture of peace and non-violence, in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and our vision for a better future for the young people of this planet.

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This petition will be delivered to:

Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif

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  1. War mongering is harmful to the people.War is not the solution.

  2. K SHESHU BABU says:

    People of both countries know that their governments are responsible for wars and tensions. The desire of people are not needed by any politicians .

  3. B.Narasimhareddy says:

    War remains only distress and hungry.

  4. Arvind Midha says:

    Its TRUE that War is not a solution.But the more important issue is that who is creating a situation? Who is harbouring terrorists in its training camps? No country wants war but no one should question self defence.

  5. Ayan Chakraborty says:


  6. KN Ramachandran says:

    Arvind Midha asks who is harbouring terrorists? He and all should ask who had created the terrorists? Was it not US and its allies who created the terrorist nation Israel which has created an atmosphere of terror in West Asia? Was it not US and allies who created Al Queida and Taliban in the name of ousting Soviet forces from Afghanistan? Again it is US actions in Syria which has led to formation of ISIS. It is again US which turned Pakistan as a training ground for terrorists. So Modi attacking terrorist points across LoC after asking permission from US is hypocracy, it itself is terrorism

    .KN Ramachandran, CPI(ML) Red Star,