Pink or Blue. Don’t Be Clones Of Each Other. Create Your Own Hue!


I stumbled across so many posts on social media about the new bollywood movie, PINK. Watching a few clips of the movie, compelled me to write something that has been in my sub conscious mind for a long time now. Movies can create a social impact. I recall one such instance; a friend of mine refused to pay a kickback to get something sorted/done at a government office after watching the movie, Lage Raho Munna Bhai. I still remember the sparkle in his eyes when he had that Eureka moment and said

“no, I will not succumb to the easy way out”

I was reminded of that feeling as I watched the movie, PINK. I carried that thought and message with me home. Will PINK create a social impact like what Lage Raho Munna Bhai did?

I now live in San Francisco, the hub of technology, where it is ok to fail at something. Not as such a social taboo as in other parts of the world. Having attended a series of conferences, meetups on several topics, more particularly on Women in Tech; I found that there is an underlying universal problem that exists in the technology sector as well. The barriers to entry for women are high. Having recently read Sheryl Sandburg’s Lean in, its funny how the sterotyping exits in the west as well; however, the slices are thinner. We may not have a situation like New Delhi, but we do have our own set of problems. I witnessed discussions as to who created Pink or Blue and how women find it difficult to find jobs in technology. I think that the very underlying truth is that people need to rise up. In particular, women need to rise up and think for themselves as to what works or what doesn’t work for them.

Rising up for your rights and something that you believe in, is something that all of us need to remember. We are reminded of it time and again because it is only human to sometimes loose track of it in our day to day lives. Mark Zuckerberg said, in one of his conferences in Africa, about a founder and her vision to do something new:

“if she pulls it off, people will talk about her and there will be clones of her success story”

We often, as a society or as workforce, are not used to looking at things with an open mind. Rightly so, we don’t have the bandwidth or the empathy and are caught up in our small vicious circle of everyday life. Here comes PINK a hard, riveting story which was long overdue.

Amitabh Bacchan’s performance is so enduring that, it forced me to write what I strongly believed in. There are thousands and thousands of innocent people in court rooms across India, who do not have a strong character like Amitabh Bachchan to defend/plead their innocence. I want to take this one step further the movie is impactful and has drawn its message. The readers should be aware of the fact that there are thousands of people stuck without legal recourses who need help and assistance. I would urge top notch lawyers to spend some of their time and expertise to help litigants who do not have access to legal aid. Those stories with no plots, deserve justice and a happy ending. We can make it happen. Think outside of your comfort zone and don’t be a clone of each other. You decide what you want for yourself and society, change will happen sooner or later.

I have witnessed the triumph of human spirits, in the matters I have seen in courtrooms. I recall this instance where an old and feeble lady came to a court 100 miles away from where she lived, to fight for her daughter who was burnt to death in a dowry case in a suburb of Mumbai. It was her enduring spirt and the pain she endured that bought her to court on every court date. I only wish she was able to get justice sooner if she had good legal representation. With movies like PINK, I am sure things can change. I have already seen fellow lawyers taking pro bono matters. PINK has already created an impact on me and I know it’s going to be long lasting one.

Sunita Nakhate was into active Praticise in the Bombay High Court, led the Legal department of a Pharmaceutical company before moving to San Francisco to get her MBA.


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