Is There A Future For Our Species ?


Only with honesty, truth and justice can there be a future for our species, and I don’t see any of it-anywhere
Edward Snowden is more than whistle blower. And so is Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. (They deserve a Presidential Pardon)

And-in a way, so is documentary filmmaker Sir David Attenborough, who warned that, ”We’re a plague to the world.”

And-so is Noam Chomsky, Americas greatest intellectual, who questioned“Can human beings survive the twenty-first century?”

And-so is Pope Francis, who warns of grave consequences, if Climate Change is ignored.

And-so is physics professor Stephen Hawking, who pleaded:”In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?

And-to what Vice President Joe Biden said, “how urgently we need to stop Climate Change, I’m not talking about leaving our children a better future. What is at stake is whether we have a future at all.”

In addition to the warnings of all these heavyweights, I came to this conclusion in my 80 journeys around the sun: “Only with honesty, truth and justice can there be a future for our species, and I don’t see any of it-anywhere.”

Simply stated – every lie and deception for money in society, politics or business is costing our planet irreplaceable natural resources, which are squandered in wars and needless competition, and is stolen from future generations.

Why will Snowden, like Manning, face a lengthy jail term, or even the gallows if Donald Trump has his way?

Imagine for us and the world, if he gets control, as commander in chief, if and when atomic weapons will be launched? And I don’t know about Clinton’s mentality, who laughed hysterically when Gaddafi was brutally murdered? Please Google-We came, we saw-he died.

Trump wants to build a massive wall between the USA and Mexico, to keep the Mexican people out, and to have Mexico pay for it. This shows the stone age mentality of Trump, who doesn’t care about anybody but himself, and maybe his family. The Mexican people only want what any human being desires and deserves, as a fundamental human birthright, food, clothing and shelter, and a little extra. that would make life worth living.

This would have been possible since the 1930s when the research organization Technocracy.Inc. was formed by scientists, engineers and accountants for the North American continent, inclusive Mexico. It would have replaced money with-the equal for all ENERGY certificate. It would have made political parties obsolete as they are beholden to puppeteers anyways, It would have eliminated poverty, homelessness prostitution, war and a host of other miseries. See UTOPIA or OBLIVION.

Unemployment seen as ‘success’ proclaimed newspapers in 1982, as John Farina, a professor of social work at the Wilfrid Laurier University stated: “Man invented machines so man would not have to work and we’ve succeeded to the point of one and a half million unemployed, but instead of cheering about it, we’re in despair. To me that is sheer, raging idiocy.”

Technocracy did not succeed for various reasons, one being lack of interest by environmentalists and scientist David Suzuki in 1971*, to investigate and promote an antidote, to what Suzuki feared would happen to humanity and the world. And after 45 years – it is happening. Sadly, in 1971-1989 and even today, Suzuki does not understand what Technocracy and John Farina’s research could have done for the world. It could have been a template for the whole world. *Source available per attachment.

Technocracy was also ridiculed for depriving people of their individual freedom and democracy, which for 99% of the population doesn’t exist anyways. And what do we have today? Poverty, homelessness, prostitution and never ending wars, based on lies, that bombed several countries back to the stone age. These are crimes against humanity, and Planet Earth. My fruitless appeal to Bill Gates and Ted Turner, cost a trillion dollars and a million lives.

On January 4. 1991 I wrote an open letter to George Bush, James Baker, Brian Mulroney, Joe Clark, John Major and all those who are ready to sacrifice somebody else life for freedom and democracy. I wanted to talk at the United Nation and to Javier Perez de Cuellar, who was prepared to ‘go to the moon for answers.’ On January 16, 2003 I wrote a similar letter and plea-in vain.

Why would an ordinary person want to talk to the United Nations? Because – as I experienced the war and privation in East Germany, which later became the German Democratic Republic, I wondered and researched the causes of poverty, war and a host of other miseries, and if there are possible solutions? They are actually very simple. Only with honesty and truth can there be a future!

In such an symposium, it would be interesting to hear Bill Gates, or any of the one percent, explain why they deserves billions, while others live in abject poverty, or don’t even have clean drinking water, or their tap is turned off for lack of money? And that happens in the US of A? A modern day Galileo challenged Bill Gates for a debate.

Correction…my loss shall be 20 Cents, instead of one dollar.

In the ‘possibilities’ that are described in Utopia or Oblivion, no human being could be coerced to join an army in senseless wars, as they are forced to do now. Edward Snowden was ‘brainwashed’ by years of indoctrination as a patriot to fight and kill for his country. Fortunately for him and us, he did not become a drone operator, like Brandon Bryant, who killed, from the comfort of his trailer, 1626 human beings with hellfire missiles thousands of miles away. Is this not murder?

After much regret, Brandon Bryant came to this conclusion: “I think it is completely unfair that we helped prosecute German Nazis in World War 2 who were just following orders, and we can’t put ourselves under that same umbrella. We helped create this current system, the international court system, and we are unable to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions. I think that’s completely unfair to the rest of the world.” Exactly!

Actually, Bryant echoed the words of Noam Chomsky from 1990: “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post war American President would have been hanged.” Maybe Obama, Bush, Cheney and Blair have much to worry about, when universal justice will be established in the world. Remember-only with honesty and truth can there be a future!

One thing that is very disturbing for freedom of speech in the world, and control of cyberspace is: “when Israel is about to legislatively force Facebook to censor content deemed by Israel officials to be improper, and Facebook appears eager to appease those threats by working directly with the Israeli government to determine what content should be censored,” (Glenn Greenwald, ICH, Information Clearing House, Sept. 13.2016)

And Israeli Defense Minister Ayelet Shaked “recently boasted that Facebook is already extremely compliant with Israeli censorship demand-and is now part of the government team helping Facebook determine what to censor.”(Greenwald)

And this person Shaked, who looks human, but does not act like one says: “mothers of all Palestinians should be killed, because these mothers have given birth to ’little snakes.’ They should die and their houses must be destroyed so that they do not give birth to terrorists.” The mothers of the terrorists who are dead should also be killed.” (Astro Awani, Kuala Lumpur July 17. 2014) Her statement was however not well received by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who “characterized her mentality as Hitler’s.”

And-what is hard to believe, Shaked’s post was shared more than one thousand times and received almost five thousand “likes.” And there is no outrage in the world from Mainstream Media?

It’s because, as former congressman Paul Findley said: “Virtually the entire U.S. news media and almost every national politician bends to the desires of Israel’s government regardless of its behavior, a reality that enables the persecution and even slaughter of Palestinians.”

Is it because some Jews consider themselves as ‘the chosen ones’ and therefore can do no wrong? But the opposite is all too evident, starting with the Nakba.

For any hope for peace in the world, let’s put our life in perspective with Carl Sagan’ video.

On Sept. 25. 2005, I saw a glimmer of hope for peace, when the late Andy Rooney on 60 Minute said: ‘I wish we could dedicate Memorial Day not to the memory of those who die at war, but to the idea of saving the lives of young people, who were going to die in the future, if we don’t find some new way, some new religion maybe, that takes war out of our lives, that would be a Memorial Day worth celebrating.”

I would have liked to talk with him and Phil Donahue, Bill Moyers, Paul Findley etc. about such an idea. But they were as unreachable as Leonardo DiCaprio is today.

Is There No Alternative? I ask in 2008. Of course there is.

There is so much more if you-Think like A Genius, Stephen Hawking


Gunther Ostermann, Kelowna, BC.
[email protected]

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