Indian Army conducts surgical strikes. The Government thumps its chest. The media debates that this is the way to respond. The media channels compete debating this issue and try to increase their TRP ratings. Discussions get carried out on how skillfully the surgical strikes were carried out and comparisons made with similar strikes by Israel and United States.The urban middle class gets elevated and gossip in their four walls on this achievement. The war hawks argue that this should have been done long back. They maintain that Indians should just go out and kill.

The jingoism is on the air. In this jingoistic atmosphere, reason has lost its sense. If you argue against the war mongering, you will be immediately branded as anti-national. The monsoon clouds are slowly giving way to war clouds. The war clouds have the potential to endanger everyone. Unlike a monsoon cloud, where destruction due to heavy rains are nature created, a war due to war cloud is a human error. This war cloud widens an already existing artificial political division. Cultural and human similarities between India and Pakistan lose their meaning in this division.

In the jingoistic atmosphere constant thirst for war only grows. Strategic analysts and war hawks on both sides of the border become active. The right wings on both sides raise the jingoistic passions. Kashmir, a land sandwiched between both the countries yet once again goes into the background. Their issue once again becomes an Indo-Pak issue.

The heightened atmosphere provides yet another opportunity to the political elite to deviate people from the real issues concerning the people. The rising prices, the unemployment, the poverty, issues of justice, issues of food shelter and clothing become meaningless. The jingoism becomes the basis for creating a vote bank for upcoming elections to a large Indian state.

 T. Navin works with an NGO. He did his M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    It is not just jingoism is masquerading throughout the elite of the country with brandishing guns , it is also senseless support for strikes on enemy.
    If one tries to argue that the horrors of armed forces also might have been the cause of uri attacks, he/ she is a traitor.
    If one states that AFSPA should be repealed and forces withdrawn from Kashmir, one is branded a traitor.
    If one says Kashmiris have the fundemental right of freedom if expression and right to self-determination , one is ‘ anti- national’.
    If one advised to talk with Pakistan, Kashmiri separatists including hurriyat leaders, one is branded non- patriotic.
    If one opposes Muslims being alienated and lynched on the pretext of cow slaughter, one is anti- Indian….
    Only Hindu fanatics, false pride, partisan thoughts, prejudices…rule the country …!

  2. Sasidharan P K says:

    In short,our psyche is getting muddied with lumpen attributes,and our people are turned into hollow men and women..