Ahwazi Activists Arrested


Large numbers of Ahwazi activists have reportedly been arrested in the latest coordinated series of raids on homes by Iranian regime intelligence agents in recent days, with the regime’s thugs transferring those detained to unknown locations.

Sources told Ahwazna website  that in one of the recent incidents, regime agents raided the home of an activist identified as 22-year-old Mohammed Sari on Tuesday November 15, storming the family’s house in the Althoura neighbourhood of the capital, Ahwaz, before dragging him away, taking him to an unknown location.

Another young activist, a photographer and cultural campaigner named as Hakim Marwani, was also dragged from his family’s home in the city’s Mallashyeh neighbourhood in the early hours of Saturday, November 19 in a brutal raid which caused his mother to suffer a heart attack. The heavily armed men who seized Marwani refused to identify themselves, but are believed to be regime intelligence agents. After storming the family’s home at around 5:00 a.m. while they were all asleep, the officers dragged the young activist from his bed, as well as seizing his cell phone, taking him to an unknown location. His mother, who suffered a heart attack due to the trauma of the violent raid and her son’s abduction, was rushed to Golestan Hospital where she remains in a critical condition.

Local activists revealed that Marwani, a student at Ahwaz University, is widely admired for his art and photography, as well as for his cultural activism, gaining some renown among his contemporaries, and recently winning first place in a photography competition for a composition entitled ‘Mother’s Image’.

His family members reportedly visited all the Iranian regime authorities’ offices where they suspected he might have been taken, seeking any information concerning his whereabouts, but were sent away empty-handed with no information about him.

A third young Ahwazi activist, identified as 20-year-old Mohammed Mohammedi (Abiyat), was seized in a raid on his family’s home in the Alallwa neighbourhood of the city of Hamidieh in the early hours of Thursday, November 17, once again with no prior notification. Again, he was taken to an unknown destination, with Iranian regime authorities refusing to disclose any information on his fate to his desperately worried family. Despite his young age, Mohammedi had already spent two years in prison for freedom activism before authorities released him on massive bail.

A fourth young Ahwazi activist, identified as 25-year-old Ali Sari, was seized in another early morning raid by regime agents on his family’s home in the Althoura neighbourhood on Friday, November 18, being taken to an unknown destination, again with no notification of his supposed offence or prior notice of arrest. Although his terribly worried parents have searched tirelessly for their beloved son in various local prisons and detention centres, they have received no response from the authorities concerning his whereabouts.

The Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwazstrongly condemns this latest brutal and indiscriminate campaign of arrests by the Iranian regime, which is without any legal or moral justification and in contradiction to all international laws and norms. These savage raids and the relentless, racist persecution and terrorising of not only Ahwazi activists but their families, have no place in any civilised society and should be denounced by all international human rights bodies.

Yaqoub Hor Al-Tostari, Ahwazi political activist and the official spokesman of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Al-Ahwaz based in Denmark

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