Demonetisation And Bhakts


Demonetization is the new polarisation strategy deployed by the Modi Government, which has succeeded in killing many birds (and people) with a stone. This new policy is not only mindless but also evil right from its conception to execution. Much has been already said & in cases proved by various sources as to how the Demonetization is actually a witless, anti-people & pro-capitalist & pro-Middle Class Elite treacherous move.

The execution of Demonetization is so poor that it is wicked & evil in every sense of its entirety. It is advisable that Narendra Modi Supporters do not chant any slogans or indulge in any kind of Modi praising or else the pissed crowd is bound to give their piece of mind in kind and in proper change.

I’m writing this to illustrate to what level have the Bhakts* stooped to prove how their Master is the true Vanquisher of Black Money.

It all started with the “Advanced Security Feature” hoaxes peddled by the Extortion Case accused & recently convicted of Paid News Sudhir Chaudhary of ZEE News  [ For Further Reading: ( &]. Sudhir Chaudhary is accused in an extortion case which dates back to 2012. By being the face of Modi government’s hoaxes, Sudhir has earned his rightful place, out in the open.  The Tv reporter who shouldn’t be on TV handling such a sensitive & important issue, was seen branding the new currency note of Rs. 2000/- as a Technologically advanced one hailing it as a revolutionary bold move by PM Narendra Modi. He claimed that this new currency has nano gps which will provide the information of the holder by deflecting waves which will assist in catching the Black Money hoarders. An idea borrowed straight from a Bollywood comic flick, Sudhir peddled it as a Masterstroke & left no stone unturned while doing so. However, as always, the reality of the Currency arrived in a matter of time, even before the currency was out in the hands of the people. The news came out through “The Hindu” (ironically) stating that there was no time to add any additional security features than the present ones let alone for any tracking system. (Source : Following is an excerpt that goes on to slay the hoax of Nano-GPS & more security of the new currency notes:

   An official explained that changing the security features is a huge exercise and takes anywhere between five to six years. The last time such an exercise was undertaken was in 2005 when currency notes of all denominations with new security features were introduced. Water marks, security threads, fibre, latent image etc. comprise security features and these require several representations, evaluations and finally a Cabinet nod.”

“Since the decision to introduce the new notes was taken only six months ago, there was no time to alter the security features. Only the design has been changed but the security features remain the same as the old notes,” said the official.”

After the Advanced Technology Security Features To Nab Black Money box was brutally slated by Social Media & honest portions of Print Media, the leftover Media diverted the attention towards ‘other significant’ news like how the move was a one that would decimate the Black Money hoarders. The media reporters, by their repeated hammering, made the common public believe that Black Money hoarders stash this Black Money in sacks & only in denominations of 500 & 1000 and that by this move they will be forced out of their burrows to exchange their notes for the new ones. Our PM cemented this fallacy went on air to make it an official hoax. I blame Bollywood, partly, for shoving this idea of hoarding black money in the minds of unsuspecting people. The junta was swayed by this dramatic exposure of hoax & believed it. However, this deception too did not last long. As PM Narendra Modi had promised that it will be the Black Money Hoarder who would be in queue to collect Rs. 4000/- cash & they are trembling at this move. He went on to even say that the common Indian is sleeping peacefully, while the Black Money hoarders are unable to sleep and are consuming sleeping pills. However, this childish ambition wasn’t meant to be as the entire Hard-Working Class thronged at the ATMs fearing an eventual loss of their hard earned money. This plain & simple thing that was totally missed by the Credit/Debit Card Swipers & Chinese-Boycotting-PayTM-Using Elite & crowd.

It was after a couple of days that common sense prevailed & people realised that Black Money isn’t stashed in gunny bags, underneath bed mattresses etc.

One of the reasons why tax evaders and corrupt public officials prefer not to stash cash could be the sheer logistics of it. Rs 1 crore in Rs 1,000 notes, if stashed evenly, occupies one sq ft and weighs 13 kg. Rs 100 crore would weigh 1.3 tons and occupy an area the size of a three-wheeler goods carrier, making the movement of cash without detection difficult.”

As news, analyses & opinions of the experts started pouring regarding the inefficacious move of Demonetization by PM Narendra Modi, people & bhakts alike were uncomfortable. People started digging more, while bhakts started heaping emotional facade into people’s brains. However, when solid news articles splashed all over media & the common man found out that this wasn’t for them, it was then that they really began being irate. Excerpts  like the following made people inquisitive.

The demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes is unlikely to help the government suck out black money from the economy as hoarders keep a tiny portion of their ill-gotten wealth in hard cash, going by income-tax data.

Cash recovery has been less than 6% of the undisclosed income seized from tax evaders, shows an HT analysis of data from tax raids from financial year 2012-13 onwards.

More news began pouring in like:

HT reported on Thursday the currency switch could result in hardship for low-income groups as only 28%-32% of Indians have access to financial institutions, including post offices and banks. Further, 33% of the 138,626 bank branches are in 60 Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities, leaving rural India at a huge disadvantage.

This riled up the Bhakts & rattled their straw cages, kept far behind the true weather of the day. Bhakts instead of introspecting, began blaming the hardworking masses to be feigning chaos & that situation was under control. To save face, a barrage of emotional blackmail was launched. It was Bharat Mata earlier & now it happened to our Soldiers at the border. These Indians shamelessly began using Soldiers & the rhetoric as per their own convenience to shut up the questioners, the ones who expressed inconvenience of all this. Suddenly, it seemed that a Soldier’s excuse was all that was required to answer for all the problems in the world. Until & yet again, common sense prevailed & people started debunking this logic when they had enough.

Internet users, then dropped a video bomb which illustrated that the new currency of 2000 wasn’t unto the mark as it started bleeding & shedding colour. The internet was soon abuzz with such videos with various people experimenting & finding the news to be true. This enraged a lot of people. A lot of Bhakts now made a Gharwapsi. These former Bhakts confessed that they felt cheated by Modi & that this wasn’t the development they had in mind when they had voted for Modi. Similar views were echoed by the Hardworking females who are the worst affected & worst hit. For they have a different story of their own to tell & have had enough of this misery wrecked by the very man they had voted.

In a patriarchy like India, most women save money which is either hidden from the miscreants of their families or from the simple pleasures of life. All this so as to provide money to the family or kids in time of emergencies. A lot of women who admittedly used to stash money away from the roving eyes of their drunkard husbands or sons, found themselves at the queues & frantically worried as now their misdoing (as per the patriarchal India) was out in the open & their savings at a risk. Women ran the risk of not getting all their money converted into the new currency at once or unable to deposit all the money at once.

However, owing to the lack of empathy, Bhakts maintained their stand that this was the greatest move ever. Even a female-bhakt ran a news claiming that these bleeding of colour from new notes is a security feature that certifies that the note is in fact a genuine one. All my experiences of life about how only the counterfeit things fade or bleed colour was reduced to a sum of idiocy & utter stupidity. This illustrated the mindless & servile loyalty of the bhakts & also certified as to how far from reality are they. However, reason prevailed again & people rebuked this article with their with & humour. This bhakt article was nipped in the bud. [Read: ( ]

Despite the strategy of Bhakts being slayed by common sense & hard facts, they refuse to die down & the war has to be taken down to the streets to display their disproval of such a barbarian act. The main & biggest obstacle to this is the complacency of the bourgeoisie middle class which refuses to accept the reality as it is the easiest thing to do. Over the period of time, this middle class has become so comfortable with their repression that logic, rationale & common sense has become invisible & non-existent to them. They still reside in their straw palaces thinking that their world won’t crumble & it is the same case for all of India.

Amidst all this, more news keep pouring in, while bhakts are prepping their Photoshop skills. But in this entire cacophony, it is the India standing at the queues that is suffering, it is the India at the queues that finds its life in a massive disarray. People not being able to withdraw their own money for their very survival is the worst & inhumane policy a government can undertake. Worse is those set of people who are branding & hailing such a cruel policy as ground-breaking/path-breaking policy to curb Black Money, a term which is dearly attached to their very social existence.

In such dark times, I’m reminded of an quote often attributed to Dr. B R Ambedkar

“The one who endures tyranny is a much bigger transgressor than the one who perpetrates it.”

Its high time people started to realise this & get down on the streets to express their disproval.

*Bhakts- A Category of people who refuse to acknowledge the truth & chant the praises of PM Narendra Modi for they think he is their saviour & Lord Supreme. Everything that he says or does is a Masterstroke, no matter how heinous it is & is considered to be an act of benevolence, surpassing that of Jesus, which will restore India to its former glory (I have questioned myself as to the time period of this Former Glory). Bhakts are found regardless of Caste, Class, Religion, Gender.

Asantosh Kumar, Lecturer. Trainer,  Freelance Writer

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