Video by Aabha Joshi, Neethu Saji and Kritika

As the Modi government, in a bold step, by demonetizing 500 rupee and 1000 rupee currency notes has promised to recover ‘black money’ and combat ‘terrorism’, the horrors of this move have shaken the entire country, especially the most vulnerable section of the society who earn their living through daily wages by selling their blood and sweat.

This is the experience of a painter living in Mumbai who earns Rs. 500 for a day’s work. As he is not a permanent worker, his wages depend upon the days he can find work. With Modi announcing the demonetization of rupee 500 and 1000 notes, he has been unable to find any work. Being the only earning member of the family, lack of job puts his entire family into trouble.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Appreciable effort in exposing sufferings of people first hand in their own voice and emotions.

  2. prabhakar says:

    To me the immediate effects as being seen during the period 8th Nov. to 13th Nov 2016 are:

    1. Common man (?) is put to some mental stress though he has nothing to loose.
    2. People with roomful black money became restless and could not slip.
    Theft score during the last 5-6 days is almost zero!
    3. Temple treasures soared high.
    4. Gold at Rs 52000 per 10 gr or so, but had a very short life.
    5. More than 200 raids on black marketeers.
    6. Many black marketers distributed/deposited in the name of their near and dear at least Rs 2.5 lakhs per head.
    7. Theators income is badly affected.
    8. Banks deposits are more than Rs 1000 crore or so, unheard no?
    9. Property taxes have already flown to the local bodies like Municipal Corporations over Rs 100 crore, unprecedented recovery!.
    10. Non-BJP leaders are confused as Modi is deterministic and proving successful to convince the people of the country to face pains/sacrifices for a good of masses.
    11. Rumours are on high but money (cash) is flowing in slowly but deterministically.
    12. Long ques (true representation of the scenario?) at the banks, businessman and market yards refused to accept Rs 500 or Rs 1000 notes, people became impatient, intolerant, as if Tsunami is at the door, media and leaders fueling the situation, etc., etc.
    13. If you call me a common man, I had only three coins Rs. 2 one coin and Rs 1 two coins,total 4 Rs on 8th night and I managed with them till yesterday, I did not spend them but re-planned my expenses on food (no purchases even of vegetables) and other home needs.
    14. I had retina emergency surgery of RE on 4th April 2016, my mother 95 years expired on 30th April 2016, on 18th June I had cataract operation of LE , under medical treatment, almost bed ridden. My younger unemployed bachelor sister of 40 years old was staying with my mother more than a decade. I could not go for Bhaubij to see her staying alone at a place 150 km away from Aurangabad as during Diwali I was unable to travel. But, I decided in the first week of Nov 2016 to see my sister anyhow on 13th Nov. 2016. Fortunately I could withdraw Rs 5000 on 12th instant from bank and I could see my sister as planned.

    15. since the last 70 years, no political party has shown any concern about the common man (over 65%) who could hardly manage one time meal. The strong PM through demonetization changing the game, never to rollback.