30 people from various left organisations, who organised a protest in Banglore against the demonetisation of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes, have been arrested a few hours ago. A joint protest was called by CPI (ML) Liberation, AICCTU, New Socialist Alternative/ Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns, Street Hawkers Association and Karnataka Tamil Makkal Aaikyam for ‘Occupy RBI’ a movement against the facade of ‘Black money’ operation by PM Modi.

A pamphlet was circulated where major activity has been taking place, especially near ATMs and Banks to mobilize people for the protest. As the one hour long peaceful protest was about to commence, the police did not allow the protesters to even raise slogans. In spite of following the direction of the police, the first wave of 30 protesters were picked up and taken into custody. They have been brought into the city’s armed reserve police grounds. The place where other protesters have been held is unknown. The protesters arressted include Com. Jagadish Chandra, a member of New Socialist Alternative/ Peoples’ Solidarity Concerns and Com. Balan who is the Karnataka State Secretary of AICCTU.

“This demonetisation is not only economical but also Bhraminical”, says Com. Balan of the AICCTU. He continues by saying that black money is not only confined to currency notes but also the other assets in the form of unaccounted foreign currency which cannot be cracked by the Government of India, the money smuggled to Swiss banks, the assets existing in the form of real estate, minerals and gold. There is a complete inaction from the side of Prime Minister to recover this black money, which in reality is the protection of Indian capitalist class which has indulged in the most cruel form of hoarding black money in foreign banks as well as black money in the form of real estate assets. “He tries to save crocodiles and sharks, while he is killing small small fish”, says Com. Balan.

The state has started to suppress any form of political expression which is critically questioning this ‘Masterstroke’. The arrest of the 30 comrades in Bangalore is highly condemnable and we stand in solidarity with our comrades.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The human rights activists and civil society must express their support to the farmers and poor who are affected by the sudden withdrawal of money. The criticism of demonetization is being linked to anti- national’ and anti- patriotic act. Thus is trampling of freedom if expression.
    Even when a Congress member Ghulam nabi Azad said that the deaths due to the measure are more than those of Uri, there was a hue and cry from the ruling classes of government. Since most minister’s supporting the move are of mainly upper-caste , the move is brahminical . This is clear by the fact that the people in queues are dalits, farmers, lower – castes and poor.

  2. kuntimaddisada says:

    This is a baloney. The protests being organized to undermine the effort those who have black money and cannot cash it now.