President Elect Donald Trump: A Seismic Shock With The Magnitude Of A Political, Economic, Moral 9/11


On the eve of the U.S. Presidential election this writer’s article, DAPL Uprising Against Dakota Access Pipeline Ignored By Clinton and Trump was posted online by the

The gist of that article was a message to the American electorate that the choice in the election wasn’t just between the evil of two political lessers but that other highly-principled candidates were also running for the presidency and that they and their party’s platforms needed to be seriously considered, especially regarding how the current #DAPL Uprising in North Dakota, between the Standing Rock Sioux and their world allies against Wall Street and the Petroleum Industry, represents the tip of a huge iceberg of a number of unaddressed universal issues.

During the U.S. election campaign these universal issues never were discussed by Clinton or Trump, nor did the American duopoly political system ever allow the presidential candidates from the Green Party, Libertarian Party or Peace & Freedom Party to debate these universal issues on the same stage with Clinton & Trump. If America’s voters anywhere on Main Street U.S.A in the days leading up to the election were to have been polled about who these other candidates were and what progressive ideas, policies and programs their party’s platform’s stood for and would put into practice had they been elected, the pollsters would have received many dull, vacant stares or puzzled “Huh?” or “Who?” responses. The question “Who is Gloria La Riva and Dennis Banks?”, or who is Jill Stein & Ajamu Baraka?” would have elicited a flurry of dumbfounded “Dunno’s”. The voters wouldn’t have had a clue that Presidential candidates Jill Stein and Gloria La Riva, and their Vice-President’s Baraka and Banks, already were on board with the #DAPL Sioux Water Protectors, as they’ve come to be known, and the ‘Ground Zero’ core issue of the election that this uprising represents to the future well-being of us all. If anything, this is how the election itself was indeed rigged!


The electorate was kept ignorant and uninformed about how the historical dynamics behind the #DAPL Uprising is as momentous to American and world history in 2016 as was the Black Civil Rights Movement in the South back in the 1960’s. The electorate also was kept in the dark about how this uprising represents the tip of the iceberg of so many universal issues, such as the: constant violations of so many civil and human rights, especially regarding the misogyny against women; the ever-rising accumulation of wealth by the 1% at the expense of the financial, medical, health and basic social welfare impoverishment of the world’s other 99%; the common desperate plight of the world’s indigenous peoples, especially in the United States and Canada where oil pipeline conflicts have been raging for years and still remain locked and unresolved in bitter contention; climate change and the dangerous tipping point it represents for the continued survival of all species of life on Earth; the immediate need to put the entire world on a “war-footing” level regarding the rapid conversion from finite fossil fuels to renewable energies; the ever-growing militarization of police forces and mounting ‘Law & Order’ fascism in the world, and; the death grip that Wall Street forever has on Main Street no matter who is elected President.

This writer’s belief that hope springs eternal and Miracles CAN Happen suggested that if enough American voters were to somehow miraculously decide at the last minute – once they’d drawn behind them the curtain in the voting booth, and were left all alone with their own innermost private feelings and beliefs about the future direction they think America and the world should take – they would base their vote on principles and conscience rather than on fear; and if they did so America and the world might become a far different, better place than what it now is. Were that to have happened, the world would instead be waking up today to the surprising reality that there is rather a new President Jill Stein, Gary Johnson or Gloria La Riva and the world could look forward to the hope of a much brighter future than what may otherwise now, more darkly, be in store up ahead. Had Bernie Sanders stuck to his guns and had the courage of his convictions to become a Green Party or Independent candidate and go after Clinton and Trump with knife and tong there is a distinct possibility that the world might now instead be welcoming a ‘President Sanders’. But it’s all a moot point because Sanders didn’t and so he isn’t and that moment in history that never was is long again.

All this is just so much ‘magical thinking’ now because the actual vote has resulted in yet the hard reality of a far different kind of ‘miracle’ or ‘nightmare’, depending upon one’s world view, that suggests a real polarized reality that not only exists in the United States but increasingly more so everywhere else in the world. Whether it’s a 50-50 ‘Brexit’ split in the UK or a similar split in the U.S., the outcome of these early moments in this ‘New World Order’ already is having a chilling effect in many quarters, tantamount to a seismic shock in the magnitude of a political, economic moral 9/11.

Questions now abound among the pundits puzzled by why the American electorate voted the way they did. Were they duly brainwashed into believing a vote for the other candidates would have constituted nothing more than a useless “throwaway”? Were they convinced that they had no real option from which to choose and so abstained from voting? Is the American voter now so dumbed-down that they can be so easily manipulated by the false promises and fear-mongering of whatever dogmatist, demagogue or ignoramus comes along and promises them everything under the sun? Or is the belief structure of the American people that was originally based upon the supremacy of the White Man and his conquest & empire-building at the cost of the subjugation and enslavement of women, Indians, Black African slaves, Latinos and poor whites what has simply raised its ugly head once again as it has ever since the birth of a so-called United States, that, in point of truth, never has been united from its inception through the Civil War period and beyond to today?

Meanwhile, during the 2016 election campaign itself, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton virtually remained tone-deaf to so many core issues facing America. Instead, they constantly haggled between themselves over other much lesser matters while their more-principled counterparts sought, as best they could against hopeless odds, with the aid of many tireless journalists and independent or alternative news organizations, to focus the voters attention on so many critical issues like #DAPL that collectively speak to what amounts to the American Dream’s Achilles Heel.

Yet, given the wisdom or misguided wisdom of who the majority of America’s voters have now chosen to put into the office of the Presidency, and the ‘White Man Backlash’ this represents, the world must face the distasteful prospect of four years of unspeakably-frightening social unrest, civil disobedience, severe reactionary law and order responses to all the upheaval, and the sweeping radical changes to the Constitution of the United States that certainly will ensue. President-Elect Trump’s expressed interest in the Keystone Xl and other oil pipeline projects, his avowed disdain for the scientific causes of climate change and his pronouncements about Law & Order, don’t augur well for a peaceful resolution specifically to the @DAPL Uprising as events around DAPL get more contentious and another possible Wounded Knee-type 1973 Siege scenario threatens to occur.

In spite of all the post-election rhetoric that it is now time to bind all the wounds of America and unite everyone as one people, it doesn’t require much of an intellectual leap to compare the unchartered political period of history into which the United States now is entering to that of the 1930’s in America when the Nazi Bund Party began to emerge once Hitler had been elected and his new fascist Movement began to employ a multitude of tactics to threaten and finally intimidate the German people into submission. While resistance did exist against Hitler’s ‘Movement’, it was never strong enough, organized enough or broad enough to gain the mass support and approval of the Germans  and so the world ended up with the debacle of WWII and death of over 60 million human beings, not to mention the utter devastation of the natural world and its many species of life.

It’s too earlier yet to make any comparisons with what President-Elect Trump means when he repeatedly refers to “The Movement” in America or “Us” but it already is starting to have a familiar, unnerving ring to it. All the extreme patriotism rhetoric; the constant anti-Muslim references that remind one of the anti-Semitism of another era; the snide remarks about the defeated Clinton and her Democrats; the giddiness and gloating about the enormous sea changes that are about to be imposed upon American culture, government and society; all feel like a new ‘ism’ that anticipates ruling America for a long time. One wonders if one day America will even see their party members wearing uniforms of white shirts and black trousers, with black hats festooned with a red symbol for the men and white blouses and black skirts for the women?

How all this will evolve in the United States is anyone’s guess. Only time will tell, as the saying goes!

Irwin Jerome: Author’s Bio Note: During the 1960’s and early 70’s Irwin lived with the Dakota and Lakota peoples on the Crow Creek Sioux & Oglala Sioux Reservations in South Dakota and later published the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle island Odyssey” ( that documents their historical plight and those of other indigenous peoples on Turtle Island.

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