I feel like a criminal
trying to score some cash,
going from bank to bank,
whipped by Modi’s lash.

I can’t get access
to my own money.
Millions of people go hungry.
This isn’t funny,

this is a crime against the whole nation,
a giant fiasco called
d e m o n e t i s a t i o n.

But there’s still no rebellion
by the people.
They stand in line for days
like obedient sheeple.

“Modi will free us
from all the black money.”
They swallow his lies
like milk and honey.

The Opposition are a bunch of clowns,
too corrupt and afraid to bring Modi down.

“Give me 50 more days, I’ll make things better.”
He’ll push back the goal-posts
while everyone wears
his varsity sweater.

India is going down the tubes,
run by a tyrant,
a nation of rubes (?).

Do something, India, before it’s too late.
should NOT be your fate.

This anti-people policy
has brought nothing but misery.
Note: A petition calling for the immediate reversal of demonetisation
and for the Prime Minister to step down can be found on
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Must reading:

” Demonetisation Undermines The Right To Food And The Right To Life”

Walt Gelles has published articles and political verse on various alternative news media sites. His books include Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book (Avery/Penguin)

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One Comment

  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Deadline has passed
    Petty business crumbled
    Shortage of cash
    Still remains unattended

    Stories of deaths
    Are still being reported
    Patients crying from the depths
    Of their hearts as hospital have not supported

    Don’t you feel haunted
    By the images of the dead?
    Won’t you take responsibility
    For the gory tragedy?

    Awake now! At least !
    Stop this mindless ‘ feast’ !
    You have been elected
    Not to treat public as ‘ beast’!

    If you don’t know to rule ..Fine!
    Leave the responsibility and resign ..!