Years ago, a professor told me of a situation at her university in which a colleague of hers broke down while describing the massacre at Nanking to her students. The professor remarked not about the break-down but about the complete lack of empathy her colleague’s students had shown to their teacher. Worse, still, many students laughed, poking fun at the professor’s colleague because of her “softness.”

A little after that, I read that Justin Bieber had gone to Anne Frank’s house and tweeted some inane and tone-deaf nonsense about whether the young diarist would have “been a Belieber.” No tweets about the sheer human tragedy of the Holocaust or even a personalized memorial to Frank herself.

Of late, we see the crude recrudescence of Nazi symbology and have “normalized” favorable insinuations about Hitler and National Socialism as a whole- in Europe, North America, and even in Asia. Swastikas seem even to adorn cupcakes and ice-skaters find it okay to dress up as marked jews under the Nazis.

What do we make of this? Is it simply lack of historical memory and context? Is it the blunting of human emotions inherent in consumer culture? Is it the erupting glorification of narrow ethno-nationalism in which empathy across cultures, races, and creeds no longer exists?

Let’s openly discuss this on Countercurrents. Let’s involve ourselves in asking the right questions, finding some answers, and fighting for a better world.

Daag Ujjala is a freelance writer

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One Comment

  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    It is sad that Nazism us raising it’s ugly head again in many parts of the world. The main plank on which it thrives is ‘ hate’ ! Hate human beings … hate selective religion.. hate dissenters … hate opposition .. hate fundemental rights of citizens ! Only the official or government directives should be followed and the policies are implemented by armed violent lumens. The lumpens as given licence to kill everyone and any one.
    Humanity is lost ! The trampling of sympathetic and emphatic traits if human beings and spreading ‘ spoke truth’ by media and man control is spreading in all directions.
    There is an urgent need for HUMANITY ..!!!