My name is Ittiyavirah. I am a petty trader of spices. When the note ban was announced all the money I had with me from that day’s trading became useless. Bank is not giving me money. After standing long hours in queue they give 4000 rupees. Farmers who come to sell me one or two kilo grams of their produce need urgent money. How will I pay them? I turn them away. You ask me why I’m sitting here? What else can I do? I buy my groceries on credit from my neighborhood store. How long will he give me credit? I haven’t paid my rent. I never broke a month’s due. It’s a question of dignity. I’ve lived through Indira Gandhi’s emergency. It’s worse than emergency. They could have put a bomb on our head and killed us all. Why should we all live through this suffering? What’s the way forward for people like us? Suicide?

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    This situation is worse than emergency …perfectly true! Then, people were shot or imprisoned and even tortured. But, now, the hard- earned money is useless. New money us not coming. Death is slow and excruciating. This ulow slow slow, but sure poisoning … not only those in queues are facing death, even the vast sections if poor who cannot afford medical care and hospitalisation expenses are also dying due to shortage of money. Small wage earners are losing their employment as employers are unable to pay ..