I Am In Queue. I Am Not A Black Money Holder

Farmers outside one of the banks in Tadimarri mandal: Farmers like T. Brahmananda Reddy need bulk amounts of the new notes to pay their debts and labourers – and these notes remain scarce at the banks here

There was a popular Bollywood movie a few years back titled “I am Khan. I am not a Terrorist”. The movie tries to depict the act of branding a name associated with a certain religion as a potential Terrorist. Following the Demonetization announcement and through the Prime minister equating those standing in ATM and Bank queue with Black Money, everybody has been turned into Black Money holders. All the AAM Aadmis (common people) have been turned into BADNAAM Aadmis (defamed people). This is just at a stroke of the 8th November announcement. Just as 11/9, 9/11 is the known dates related to terrorist acts, so also 8/11 announcement is a date associated with terrorism. This is economic terrorism of the Government.

In this economic terrorism of the Government, all the AAM Aadmis continue to face the brunt. This could be small and marginal farmers, it could be street vendors, it could be construction workers, it could be daily wage laborers, it could be workers in tea plantations or garment factories, housewives who save for rainy day or the salaried middle class workers. In this terrorist act of the government, 99% suffer.

The occupy wall-street movement in USA a few years back had come out with the slogan. “We represent 99%”. It had asserted that the policies related to bailout of banks and cut of social welfare expenditure were anti-people and corporate friendly policies. The same goes with the recent Demonetization announcement. They are anti-people and pro-corporate policies. In the name of cashless-ness, new business opportunities are emerging whether it isfor the PayTMs, Gio Money, Airtel Money and others. A similar bailout of Banks is being undertaken, when the real defaulters continue to be big corporate houses. The cash short banks due to huge defaults by big business houses are being enriched through mobilizing people’s money of 99% from home to Banks. It is not surprising when corporates such as Reliance welcomed the decision and expressed that unutilized people’s money is flowing into the Banks and these can be converted into capital by the corporates.

Demonetization has different impacts on different sections. While those in 1% continue to conduct marriages worth Rs. 50-500 crores, those in 99% cancel their marriages due to lack of cash. While the 1% keep preaching people to stand in line in the name of patriotism, those from the 99% continue to die standing in line. While the 99% are continuallyfed that it is only a ‘temporary inconvenience’ they are facing, the 1% keep looking for the ‘permanent convenience’. While the dreams are being sold to 99% of the people, the real beneficiaries tend to be the 1% who represents rich.

The common people have been reduced to a set of criminals. They are now positioned in a way that they now need to declare “I am in queue. I am not a Black money holder”.

Srinivasa Rao is an Agricultural Engineer by education. He is a Development Professional in a Senior Management position in a leading Development Agency.

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