Modi, we still love you
while you destroy our lives.
We stand in the bank lines for hours
or else we send our wives.

People have no cash
to buy a little food
but to criticize you, Modi,
would be unpatriotic and rude.

You will soak the rich.
You will help the poor.
You’re our Hindutva hero
who’ll even up the score.

You promised you’ll give us ladoos
and nice cash gifts as well.
You promised us Digital Heaven
to replace black-money hell.

So even if we starve
and lose our miserable jobs
we still worship you, Modi,
and we’re no ignorant slobs.

And even if we go hungry
we’ll rise before the film starts
to sing the national anthem
because you are so dear to our hearts.

You destroyed the economy
with one colossal blunder.
You’ve brought untold misery
and torn our lives asunder.

But Modi-ji, whatever you do
or say or think is fine.
There’s just one more little thing
you ought to do. RESIGN.

Note: A petition calling for the immediate reversal of demonetisation and for the Prime Minister to step down can be found on Countercurrents at:

Walt Gelles is an American writer living in India. His articles and political verse have appeared on OpEdNews, NolanChart, Left Hook, and other alternative news websites. He is the author of Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book (Avery/Penguin) and has published two volumes of translations of French poetry.

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One Comment

  1. K SHESHU BABUo says:

    Where is the black money
    Did corruption end
    Your words are just honey
    To make our lives bend …

    Some day you will realise
    That your effort was unwise
    Nothing would change
    Except our lives derange

    Amend your policies
    Look at people closely
    Look at their miseries
    Withdraw all anti-peoples policies speedily