Protest outside AIPAC Convention, Washington 2015
Protest outside AIPAC Convention, Washington 2015

John Kerry’s speech of December 28th, 2016 is an eye-opening indictment of Israel. Though prolix and padded with platitudes, its meat is a long overdue j’accuse.

Much of the world has long viewed the Jewish state as a serial landgrabbing killer. Indirectly, Kerry converged with this near consensus, “the settler agenda is defining the future of Israel. And their stated purpose is clear. They believe in one state: greater Israel,” but this settler agenda is the very definition of Israel, for it was founded on stealing other people’s land and killing them.

Unchecked, it will gobble up even more of its neighbors’ territories. Eric Margolis points out, “Israel may look small on the map but it’s a giant of a country, filled with very smart people who know just what they want and how to get it.”

On November 29th, 2012, the United Nations voted to recognize Palestine as a “non-member observer state.” 139 countries assented, 41 abstained and only 9 said no. The sulkers were Israel, United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and Panama. The very next day, Israel announced it would build 3,000 more homes for Jews in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Screw the world, responded Israel.

Kerry quoted Shimon Peres to tell us that the 52% of Palestine given to Jews had ballooned to 78%, as of 2014. Kerry:

I don’t think most people in Israel, and certainly in the world, have any idea how broad and systematic the process has become. But the facts speak for themselves. The number of settlers in the roughly 130 Israeli settlements east of the 1967 lines has steadily grown. The settler population in the West Bank alone, not including East Jerusalem, has increased by nearly 270,000 since Oslo, including 100,000 just since 2009, when President Obama’s term began.

As Kerry said, stealing land from Palestinians is systematic and ongoing, but without systematic, bloody land theft, there would be no Israel at all. Stealing land is Israel’s core and DNA.

To most Americans, however, the Jewish homeland is a sacred, eternal victim that must be defended till the end (time). Jewish scripture is routinely evoked to defend Jewish larceny. Considering this most unnatural nation “God’s outpost,” Pat Robertson believes Jews must own it all. He cites:

I am going to give all this land to you and your offspring as a permanent possession (Genesis 13:15)

O our God, did you not drive out those who lived in this land when your people arrived? And did you not give this land forever to the descendants of your friend Abraham? (II Chronicles 20:7)

Influential blogger Michael Snyder believes God has punished the US ten times for not kissing Israel’s tush enough. When Bill Clinton met with Bashar al-Assad in 1994 to discuss the possible return of the Golan Heights, Yahweh retaliated within 24 hours by slamming California with the Northridge Earthquake. When Clinton failed to show enough love to Netanyahu at the White House in 1998, the Monica Lewinsky scandal spattered onto newsprint that same day. When Bush fils set August 23rd, 2005 as the deadline for removing Jewish settlers from Gaza, Hurricane Katrina took aim for New Orleans. The fact that it only caused minimal damage to the Bahamas and Cuba shows how excellent of a marksman God is.

Obama must have gotten a kick out of having a Jew, Kerry, shame the Jewish homeland. This affront won’t be shrugged off. What’s in your closet, Barrack? The sex-slave island set up by mysteriously-funded Jewish billionaire Jeffrey Epstein ensnared some the world’s most powerful, but Obama never went there, apparently. Did he, however, order pasta and ice cream from Besta [Bestia, Beast] Pizza?

Israel’s defenders have lambasted Kerry’s speech as shameful, reckless and destructive. I asked my Palestinian friend, Tahseen al Khateeb, for a response. He emailed me from Amman, Jordan:

The only good thing about Mr. Kerry’s speech is that this is the first time we hear such blunt words from an American diplomat! Kerry’s rebuke of Israel is warmly welcomed all over the Arab world, but what’s really going on? I don’t believe the American administration’s conscience is suddenly awaken. The Obama Administration did nothing to help the Palestinians build their own free independent state, and nothing to prevent Israel’s war on Gaza. They did nothing to stop the building of settlements. So why now, in their final days in power, are they talking about Palestinian rights?!

In the near future, nothing will change with this US pivot, but symbolically, we’re living in a new world, one where Israel is universally seen as criminal in essence, a fact that’s reinforced each day it refuses to abandon its +130 illegal settlements.

Speaking to leaders of Muslim countries in 2003, Malaysian President Mahathir Mohamad described the founding of Israel as Europeans dumping their “Jewish problem” onto Muslims, a situation they had to swallow due to their weakness. After abusing Jews, Christians made Muslims pay to eternity. Thus:

There is a feeling of hopelessness among the Muslim countries and their people. They feel that they can do nothing right. They believe that things can only get worse. The Muslims will forever be oppressed and dominated by the Europeans and the Jews. They will forever be poor, backward and weak.

Backing Israel has only discredited and immiserated the US and its Christian allies, however, and that’s why they’re starting to wash their hands of this nightmare. Leaving office, Obama can finally afford to pipe up some truth. Coming in, Trump is prostrating himself most abjectly. He’s showing his true colors. To defend this deeply despised nation is to go against the world, truth, justice, common sense and America.

Another apartheid country, South Africa, had to remake itself after becoming delegitimized and universally condemned, so the end of Israel is within sight. Without this endless font of strife and mendacity, the world will be a much better place. Amen.

Linh Dinh’s Postcards from the End of America will be published by Seven Stories Press in January of 2017. Tracking our deteriorating socialscape, he maintains a photo blog.

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  1. Samaria Sam says:

    Kerry’s got it wrong
    . Israel’s legal rights to the “West Bank” are unassailable. See this:

  2. K SHESHU BABU says:

    At least some Americans are thinking of Israel cruelty and the inevitability of the downfall of Zionism. The thoughts of Kerry are useful to ascertain the exact gloomy situation. American political thought may disturb Israeli expansion plans unless some thing drastic happens ..

  3. “Israel’s legal rights are unassailable?
    Israel claims the right to exist because they claim to be “the chosen ones”; by their deity whom THEY were the first to write about. Not being people of ‘faith’ we here at JaHar Saddles are not in a position to argue this assertion; it would be pointless. What we WILL state is our opinion on the matter and what can only be the solution to the ‘question of Israel’s right to exist’ and that is simply “LTG-TCO-HCO” (c) or “Let Their God Take Care Of His Chosen Ones”(C) which means: stop all aid to Israel in any form, NO MORE MONEY—-to the “Chosen ones”.
    “Their God Chose Them; Let in Take Care of Them”.
    If the reader is an individual “of faith” who agrees with the “Jewish State Of Israel” of “their right to exist” (at the expense of the Palestinian people or anyone else for that matter) and you ‘send them money’ you are revealing a “weak faith”. Why do you not simply ‘let their god take care of his chosen ones’….if you believe that “he chose them”…..why would you believe “God needs your help”……

    If you are one of those members of the “Jewish State of Israel” and you are willing to accept money and aid from the “unchosen ones” you are exhibiting a “weak faith” by accepting money: especially from those “unchosen one”…….how else will the question ‘really ever be answered’? If YOUR GOD “chose you”; then you should have the strength of your faith and be ashamed to accept money, OR ANY AID FOR THAT MATTER……yet you ask for it often.

    None of this of course makes any sense, but theses are religious matters and religions like the deities formed around them are nothing but human inventions; and not actually required to make sense. If anything they should always be a matter of choice; and never acceptably forced upon anyone……which is not the case with ANY religions.

    As for the USA sending 10 billion annually in tax dollars to Israel; while they will admit that they have at least 15 million hungry children each day, is another definition of insanity. This is actually taking place in a country that brags often about being an “agricultural master producer”; and it is criminal. To consider a “deity” that according to the narrative fiction (written by Jews of course) is a deity who could create the entire universe and even the things we have not discovered about it in just six days; but didn’t write his own books’ and doesn’t seem to be able to do much to help his “own chosen ones”.

    This “deity” it is obviously believed, would accept ‘hungry American children’ in order for the Americans —-to send military aid to “his chosen ones” on lands they are forcefully taking from still others. Yet, if the story were about any other “deity” exercising such weakness in doing the same thing; ‘the Jews, and Christians would describe it as insane to believe in such a ‘deity’. They would be right!

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