Populism And The Rise Of The Demagogues


While the winter, outside, descends in all its severity, thoughts go to all those people who now have to face the cold, under miserable conditions. Thoughts go to war refugees who are left to their fate, the Greek islands, the Balkans and other places, where political Europe does not want to burn their hands and would rather look away. Politics Europe with money from the public, bought there self free and avoid as much as possible this inhumane situation, like the media, which hardly will pay attention to. Fortunately, there are good organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, which do much to provide people with a warm shelter. Tribute to such organizations which stand up for the needy, the sick and the disadvantaged in our society.

Thoughts go to the countless young people who deprive themselves of their young lives, by bullying, by (failing) to meet the ideal image of a consumer society. A growing mass of people from all walks of life commit suicide from despair, loneliness, debt, hopelessness.

Thoughts go to the demagogues who threaten our universal freedoms and thin democracy. Americans and Europeans, we are deceived.

A demagogue is a leader in a democracy who gains popularity by exploiting prejudice and ignorance among the common people, whipping up the passions of the crowd and shutting down reasoned deliberation. Demagogues have usually advocated immediate, violent action to address a national crisis while accusing moderate and thoughtful opponents of weakness or disloyalty. Demagogues overturn established customs of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so. Most who were elected to high office changed their democracy into some form of dictatorship. Demagogues have appeared in democracies since ancient Athens. They exploit a fundamental weakness in democracy: because ultimate power is held by the people, nothing stops the people from giving that power to someone who appeals to the lowest common denominator of a large segment of the population. (Wikipedia)

The rise of populist leaders in the United States and Europe is a threat to the fundamental rights of our democracy. Donald Trump’s election as US president after a campaign of hatred, lies, half-truths and intolerance, and the growing influence of political parties in Europe who reject universal rights, bring marketing rights, the environment and democracy in danger. Legal standards denigration and contempt for factual truths.

Trump’s slogan; “We are going to make America great again”. With more work for example, a very nice plan and probably will succeed, but at what cost ? Presumably this will happen with reduced labor wages, because America needs to be competitive with the rest of the world. Presumably the arms industry will increase tremendously. Presumably with mass deportations of immigrants? Presumably more oppression of women and the media.

Trump said in his election campaign that he would limit the power of the banking sector on politics. NOTHING IS LESS TRUE. 3 or even 4 former Goldman Sachs employees scroll down with the new president of the most powerful country of the world, America. Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, Steve Bannon get all important posts and Mr. Trump is not beyond reproach, if one looks a little into history. Is not the successful, honest businessman if he wants to occur, is frequently in the courts, is absolutely not reliable and unpredictable.

Yes, he is a fighter and when he is attacked, he beats back even more harder. But when it is right and true, why is it so hard to just say “sorry”? Saying “sorry” is regarded today a weakness, but it’s just a good and strong action.

Note: Goldman Sachs. The devilish face of the market capitalist system. The most dubious investment bank, which exists, where fraud, deception and high risk are encouraged and stimulated, to be paid by excessive bonuses.

In the Netherlands we unfortunately deal with one Lord Geert Wilders. Wilders, who skilfully uses of leftist values such as work and retirement. Have a little read about Wllders, as there is only a small part of true, it would already be extremely questionable, our Geert represented our Dutch values. http://www.wanttoknow.nl/hoofdartikelen/geert-wilders-is-de-mol/

A right-wing revolt.

A new generation of authoritarian populists aims to overthrow the human rights, not treating human rights and freedom of expression as to reject an essential legitimacy, because it is seen as a threat to the government. A policy of intolerance. Economic disruption due to migration.

The rise of populism poses a profound threat to our rights and democracy. Trump and several politicians in Europe seek power by recourse to racism, xenophobia, misogyny. They all claim that the public accepts the violations against human rights when it is necessary to secure jobs, to prevent cultural change, or to prevent terrorist attacks. In fact, lack of respect for human rights provides the most likely route to tyranny.

Fear of the unknown, terror and attacks and the great dissatisfaction have become explosive due to permanent jobs are insecure, loss of social security, which has created a right-wing revolt. The difference between rich and poor in recent years only increased enormously, freer movement of capital by a retreating government, massive tax evasion by companies and richest. Reforms are usually cuts. The people are tired of, and right populism spins in there yarn.

But the fear, divide and anger is not caused by the Syrian refugee, the hard-working laborer who receives no salary increases for years, not by the elderly, or young people, not by minorities.

The fear, divide and anger created, because of corruption, because of massive tax evasion, created by multinationals and governments. Because of suppression. More and more certainties fall away. Because the policy no longer serves the voter – to protect and promote their welfare – , and thus the policy due to their existence. Do not forget that.

Politicians work for the capitalist market system now, all for the economy and for the shareholders. The economy is holy, and the people must be subordinate to the economy and to the safety of the country.

Ultimately the responsibility lies with the public.

Demagogues build popular support by providing false statements and inexpensive solutions. It is to answer to the voters, the truth and the values on which the duty has been built to standards-respecting democracy. A strong reaction of the people, using all available resources – civil society groups, political parties, traditional and social media – is the best defense of the values that still cherish so many.

Wants “correct” politicians and voters, stop the right-wing revolt, one must establish and implement realistic, dignified and truthful goals, when we want to give the thin democracy another chance, otherwise we glide, free people, towards a police state, with all the consequences afterwards. FORGET HISTORY NOT.

Provide employment, health care and retirement down, a better future for our children, and limit the power of banks. The termination of the reprehensible market capitalist system, which had more rights to the business being and fewer rights for governments and citizens priorities and where selfishness was a virtue. Corruption and massive tax evasion deal rigorous. The introduction of a basic income. Governments should invest to help immigrant communities to integrate and try to participate fully in society without its own people suffer under it, or are in disadvantaged.

We all need to use our strength, show courage, to fight this ominous future, with the arms of love and respect. A non violent (r)evolution, for you, your loved ones, future generations and our unique planet.

Other countries, such as Turkey, North Korea, Philippines, China, Russia also should ask seriously and analyze honestly, whether they respect the rights and freedoms and otherwise implement improvements for humanity, for more respect. We are all one, one people, one race, the human race. It’s still a man’s world.

The world builds a wall of hatred and love is walled.

I am Peter Van Els, and I was born in 1957, living in The Netherlands in a small city called Sluis. I am an autodidact, Life is my biggest teacher and I started to write last year to stand up against lawless and corrupt governments after I’d said to myself “enough is enough”! I believe all good souls must stand up and try to connect and unite, and try to change the system for the benefit for Mother Earth and for our offspring

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