Red & Blue: Let’s Make America Great Again!


Last night I dreamt of Alan Kurdi. Remember him? …No?

Well, I thought so, or rather I was sure that you would have forgotten. After all it’s natural to forget tragedies, pain and death! That is such a natural, lovely, human trait, essential to survive the pain-hole that this world is!

It’s been more than a year since Alan’s lifeless body was washed ashore by the chilly waters of the Mediterranean. Even as we gasped at the appalling photograph of the little angel, it appeared that he was sleeping peacefully, intact in his physical form, as if the otherwise angry waters of the Mediterranean had gently carried the toddler in their arms and left him on the beach for the world to mourn. But that was more than a year back and a year is a long time. It’s a long time when you are waiting for peace; it’s an awfully long time when people are dying around you, not by weapons but by lack of hope. The little toddler’s clothes were the most striking part of that miserable picture. He wore a red t-shirt and deep blue shorts. Blue and red? Yes, blue and red as in the American flag! Wow! What a color indeed! Blue and red of the Republican placards boasting of making America great again!

And then as the year, heavy with the poisonous smell of dead bodies went by; it took away the last breath of hope from us. It thrust upon us an orange head monster that plans to feed on the likes of Alan. My heart sinks when I grasp that the year to come will be worse than the one, which slipped past our eyes. The kindhearted Mediterranean will expunge out more Alan Kurdis from its deep blue heart, Alans with red shirts and blue shorts, red and blue which will make America great again, which will make America strong again, which will make America wealthy again, which will make America safe again and which will make America proud again!

God indeed bless America!

Prof. Shah Alam Khan, Professor of Orthopedics, AIIMS, New Delhi, India


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