Many believed in the Middle East that the Paris conference held today, Jan. 15, on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with the participation of 70 countries and international organisations could be a final attempt by the international community to resolve the conflict in Palestine based on two-state solution.

The conference came after several developments, the most important of it is the resolution of Security Council, which confirmed the illegality of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. It also comes in a period when the Us multiplied the criticism of Israel in the last quarter hour of the Obama administration. Which raises strong belief that one of the goals of the conference is to create a new reality in front of the new American president, who announced his intention to move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A decision considered by Osama Qawasme the spokesman for the Fatah movement that it might open the gates of hell in an area not far from the atmosphere of hell.

Israeli rejected the idea of the conference and considered it as hostile to Israel, an argument apparently used by Israel to escape from responsibility.

Israel fears that the conference, which represents about three-quarters of the world could create pressure mechanism on Israel which might force Israel to comply with international law and Un resolution to end its 50 years of occupation, something Israel has been resisting in the past.

Israel’s argues that the solution lies in a straight Palestinian and Israeli sides, without any international intervention and preconditions. Something Palestinians knew in the light of 20 years of negotiations that it leads to more land theft. In addition to the simple fact that Palestinians has no reason to accept it because they need to back them selves with the resolutions in the United Nations about the question of Palestine.

Israel continued over these years to escape any serious consequences due to the western support and tolerance towards its occupation. But there are some indications that Israel will have more difficulties to enjoy this unique status of a state above the international law.

Netanyahu did not realise that the patience of the international community especially in Europe towards the annexation of Palestinian land is getting weaker.But nothing indicates that he is willing to make a real change in his ultra right wing policy based on supporting the settlers who never enjoyed power as they do now.

The Paris conference is expected to issue a statement which supports the two-state solution.But though that it can be seen as a significant international development, Yet much depends on the position of the new American administrative which supports israel unconditionally. So if those states behind the Paris conference did not work hard enough towards sending a blunt message to Israel that they will take the question of Palestine back to the Un if it continues the same policy, The Paris conference might be added to past failure conferences about Palestine.

Dr Salim Nazzal, a Palestinian-Norwegian historian on the Middle East, He has written extensively on social and political issues in the region.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The strong message should be sent to USA to not to supply arms or finance to israel unless it leaves the occupied Palestine territory and stops atrocities on the people of Palestine

  2. Jewish and Israeli says:

    The eternal capital of the Jewish Homeland, Israel was, is and always will be Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the essence of Judaism. The Palestinians say that recognising this fact (by siting Embassies there) will “open up the gates of hell”.
    Could their message be any clearer? The Palestinians will never make peace. “Negotiations” are meaningless when one side does not recognise the most basic right of the other to their holiest sites in their own ancient homeland.
    This is in fact quite liberating. Once we acknowledge that nothing we can do (other than mass suicide) will satisfy the Palestinians their threats become hollow. Let’s face it – they are going to continue to spend their whole lives trying to kill us anyway. So we have nothing to lose by finally standing up to them.

  3. A B Quadri says:

    Will Christians keep Quiet if Jerusalem is given Totally to the Jews ? After all the Crusades were launched by Christians against Muslims to free Jrusalem !! Jerusalem belongs to Jews, Christians and Muslims togather — Status Quo should be maintained — President Donald Trump should read History and should not use his position to tinker history by hurting sentiments !!