The Transpositions In Trump-Land Are Irrevocable If We Let Them Complete Themselves


Politics and power create curious albeit predictable transpositions.

Misogynist and Paleolithic conservatives transpose themselves into self-described beacons of hope for women as they simultaneously deride Islam for its differential treatment of women and launch an attack on women’s freedom and rights in the United States.  As they deride Democrats for pandering to Wall Street, they promote the richest cabinet in the history of the United States, members of which are known for attacks on labor, minorities, women, and the working poor.  As they issue rhetoric about “America First,” they gut science and education.  As they laud “hard-work,” they plan to deport the hardest working Americans.  As they discuss restoring America to “Greatness,” they proceed to make American democracy a shell and deprive Americans of their rights.

The terms of engagement are more clear and blatant than ever.  One does not need to find abstruse articles in tucked away places or do enormous research to uncover lies, scandals, and even crimes.  One does not need to be an expert in investigative journalism (would that we had more) to find the fissures in the narratives of Trump-land.

One need simply act.  And act now.

Shaun King of the New York Daily News has been sounding the tocsin for months.  So too have every sensible civil rights and environmental justices groups.

These transpositions are tectonic and irrevocable.  Therefore acting to stop them before they become complete is the order of the day.

But our tactics have to be different; no business as usual. Exposing leaders as “liars” appears to be useless.  So we have to fight back where it hurts. People have to stop conducting business with companies that support the power structure. People have to call and write political leaders daily.  People have to withdraw monetary and political support from anyone naïve to “wait and see.”  We have to fight with our personal energies, our financial strength and our political will.

In the week in which decent people around the world honor Dr. King, we must pledge to uphold values of decency and to do our own metaphorical freedom rides.

The pernicious transpositions in Trump-land are circling fast to close the loop.

Let’s move. NOW.

Daag Ujjala is a freelance writer

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