In his book, “The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government”, Mike Lofgren called attention to the fact that much of the real power in Washington is not controlled by the President and members of Congress, but is in the hands of multi-billion-dollar organizations that are not only huge, but also unelected and secret, for example the CIA, NSA and FBI.

The enormous power of the deep atate is undemocratic by definition, since its organizations operate without public knowledge or control. Its power is  not only undemocratic but also extremely threatening   to the lives of Americans, and also to to the lives of people throughout the world. This serious threat comes from the fact that the deep state seems to be under the control of the military-industrial complex. It promots aggressive policies that risk nuclear war.

Most people of good will in the United States and elsewhere oppose Donald Trum’s racism, bigotry and  and neo-fascism. It is a mistake, however, to attack his wish for better relations with Russia. A nuclear war tbetween Russia and the United States  would be a catastrophe uf unimaginable proportions, from which human civilization would hardly recover. In a situation of tension, such a war could occur through human error, technical failure, or escallation, although neither government planned for it or wished for it.

Recently the CIA forced the resignation of General Mike Flynn by makig public some (illegal) telephone wiretaps of Flynn’s conversations with the Russian Ambassador.

Former Democratic presidential candidate  Dennis Kucinich commented: “What’s at the core of this is an effort by some in the intelligence community to upend any positive relationship between the U.S. And Russia… There are some people trying to separate the U.S. And Russia so that the military industrial intel axis can cash in. There’s a game going on inside the intelligence community where there are those who want to separate the U.S. From Russia in a way that would reignite the Cold War.”

In order to avoid the threat of a catastrophic nuclear war with Russia, it is vitally important that the American people should regain democratic control of their government.

 John Avery received a B.Sc. in theoretical physics from MIT and an M.Sc. from the University of Chicago. He later studied theoretical chemistry at the University of London, and was awarded a Ph.D. there in 1965. He is now Lektor Emeritus, Associate Professor, at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen. Fellowships, memberships in societies: Since 1990 he has been the Contact Person in Denmark for Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs.  In 1995, this group received the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts. He was the Member of the Danish Peace Commission of 1998. Technical Advisor, World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe (1988- 1997). Chairman of the Danish Peace Academy, April 2004.  He can be reached at

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    All the characteristics of ‘ deep state’ are coming to the fore in US. With the assuming of power, Trump has started his belligerent attitude towards muslims and Russia to achieve his goals of imperialism. He has become a puppet in the hands of billionaire corporates, especially, defence industrialusts and arms manufacturers. He is intent on sale and use of arms so that the production of arms continues and profits on sale of arms would keep the imdustrialists happy and keep Trump busy with war strategies.