In the presence of the eminent activists the Iron Lady, Irom Sharmila, received a warm welcome threaded in love at Calicut in Kerala. Solidarity Youth Movement of Kerala, which was at the forefront in supporting Irom Sharmila’s heroic resistance for civil rights, hosted the program .

A massive crowd was present to hear Sharmila. The crowd waited impatiently for hours for her arrival. Indeed, she seemed to be happy at such a reception remarking: “You respect beyond my capabilities and I am humbled”. She added that she is only an advocate of Justice and Peace. The Iron Lady expressed her wish to influence the youth commenting that the “Youths are reflection of society. They are the strength and beauty of the world” and added that “it is time for the youth to act.”

K.E.N. (Left Think Tank), observed the Iron Lady as a special personality who cannot be confined in the scale of normative definition of success or failures. He also said that she can’t be judged according to the seasonal change of real politiks.

Kalpatta Narayanan remembered her magnificent struggle for her people , fasting continuously for 16 years and in relation to just the 90 votes she got, he raised serious doubts on the credibility and conscience of the people.

Categorising the freedom struggles in India in the context of three instances: Independence struggle, efforts made against the state of emergency and the ongoing struggle against the terror created by the state machinery, the former President of Solidarity Youth Movement, T Muhammad Velom, reflected and hailed Irom as the greatest in the forefront of struggle for justice. He added that the only those who are determined to face the failures may only be able to play the lead role in the chapters of history.

N.P. Rajendran praised the determination of Irom. He said the struggle of fasting is much more than to die with a bullet, fasting is dying each and every single moment which is first of a kind in the world history..

Irom’s friend and fellow contestant to Manipur Assembly polls Najma Beevi also spoke on the occasion. She analyzed the failure in the election as never a setback from the people’s poll but the propaganda went with the power of money. The gathering presented a mass petition for repealing the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act(AFSPA).

In the ceremony, the memento to Irom was given by T. Shakir Velom, the President of Solidarity Youth Movement of Kerala. The supplement of The People’s Tribunal organized earlier by the Solidarity Youth Movement was also released on the stage by N.P. Chekkutty. Golden shawl has been presented to Irom as a honor of Kerala by O. Abdu Rahman, the Group Editor of Madyamam Daily.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Irom Sharmila’s determination is commendable. The failure in parliamentary system of assembly elections should not deter her fight for justice in fiuture. The elections have many factors which control voters like money, muscle power, the ruling party partisan media and, above all, EVM suspicious tampering possibility and so on. Her sincere politics will win in future