A Bold, ‘Outside The Box’ Suggestion For Addressing Climate Change

Are you confused about climate change/global warming: is it real, or is it fake news? And if it is real, what can be done about it?

I have just published (April 2017) a peer-reviewed article on this subject and what we can do about it in the (relatively new) journal “Class, Race and Corporate Power” on this very subject, and it is on-line for free at http://digitalcommons.fiu.edu/classracecorporatepower/vol5/iss1/2 .

Previously, gave a talk on this paper on March 18, 2017 at the free speech forum in Chicago called The Open University of the Left, for those who prefer to get their information via talks, where I discussed this and what we could do about it. The program was video-taped and is now available on-line for free at

I presented the most accurate information I could, talking about the environment and human beings, and present—as far as I can tell—the very first specific program to substantively address climate change. I think this is important and deserves your consideration. Please read and/or watch, and if you think it’s worth it, please send out to your friends, family and social networks—and ask them to do the same. We’ve GOT to address this issue and immediately! Thank you for your consideration!

A little bit about me: I teach at Purdue University Northwest in Westville, Indiana; have a Ph.D. in Sociology, and have been teaching a course on the “Environment and Social Justice” for the last 10 years; worked for many years outside of academia, including as a printer, high school teacher, office worker, etc.; am a trade unionist, and am a former Sergeant in the US Marine Corps (1969-73) who “turned around” while on active duty.

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