Donald Trump A Man of Evil?


The Abrahamic concept of “evil” has to some extent left the Western vocabulary. The time has come for Americans to bring it back. They can do so by answering these questions: Is their country now under its control? Could Donald Trump and his followers bring down not just the country but human civilization? My essay provides answers.


As Donald Trump moves forward on dismantling the environment initiatives begun by the Obama Administration and by COP21, we need to step back and ask ourselves; two questions:

Is this man “evil?”

Have those under his influence been ensnared by his evil?

But first some definition: What is an act of evil? It is an act by one human being that brings harm to another human being or to other human beings. Unintentionality is no excuse. Nor are explanations for evil human behavior using mechanistic post enlightenment Social Darwinian code words such as and Neurosis, Psychosis.

Examples of evil in this Age: Hitler “purifying the Aryan race.” An American President using false information and even biblical prophecy as a pretext for invading Iraq. (It has been verified that George W Bush just before the invasion had a strange conversation in a telephone call to French President Jacques Chirac when he suggested that the coming Iraq War was “biblically ordained” according to the story of “Gog and Magog.”)

Each of these actions led to millions of deaths. The carnage from the Iraq war continues.

Humans, at least those not overcome by extreme psychosis, have the capacity to foresee the outcomes of their actions. As for that condition, even the courts in America are explicitly clear on this. The individual must be proven to be clinically insane at the moment of his action.

Many scientists are now predicting that within the next 150 years, because of Donald Trump’s refusal to recognize the ecological information at hand with regard to global warming, there will be massive human suffering and even the possibility of an acceleration of temperature rise by way of a methane hydrate feedback loop in the Arctic leading to human extinction.

Here are the facts: (summary of my last Countercurrents essay )

Massive methane reserves below the Arctic Ocean floor and Arctic land areas represent around 100 times the amount required to cause another Permian like major extinction event. These large quantities of Methane Hydrates are now trapped in a frozen state. As temperatures rise from our CO2 emissions, darkened Arctic land mass and oceans there are being exposed to the sun. As temperatures rise beyond the hydrate freezing point, methane is released. Over a 100-year timeframe methane is about 35 times more potent than carbon dioxide, for the first 20 years 84 times more potent. The feedback loop will begin to “kick in” after a 2 C degrees (3.6 F degrees) increase. Our civilization is approaching that 2 C figure. During the Permian extinction; after 6 C was reached, the ocean surface waters at their extreme eventually reached more than 40 degrees Celsius. (104 degrees Fahrenheit) That led to near total planetary life extinction.

Does his denial of this looming tragedy identify Donald Trump as a man of evil? The answer is: YES. Does it identify his sycophants as individuals ensnared by an evil force? The answer to is: YES.

Evil people are evil people. Those who succumb to evil people are evil people.

We can observe human history as a battle of good struggling to overcome evil. Too often; evil has come out the winner. Human suffering has then been the result, often of immense proportion.

The battle against Donald Trump is a battle against evil. It is a battle for humanity. It must now begin with all intensity. We are in a critical evolutionary period. Hundreds of millions and even billions of lives hang in the balance. Each of us must understand that acts of rebellion, however futile they appear in the moment, are not wasted. We all must oppose this evil man with every ounce of energy we have.

David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics.

He has published three books. A fourth is near completion. It is about the necessary geo political, social, religious, economic paradigm shift needed for human survival.



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