If Assad Must Go, So Must All The Warmongers


The real truth revealed by the chemical weapon tragedy in Syria’s Idlib Province is that as the world continues to tear itself asunder and make a mockery of the United Nation’s concept of international law and the sovereign rights of nations – supposedly intended to protect them from such unprovoked, preemptive attacks by rogue countries like the United States and its unilateral 59 Tomahawk cruise missile attack – is that so much acrimony and mistrust now exists to the point that the world teeters all the more dangerously on the edge of a potential World War III?

In the critical first days of the chemical weapon tragedy and the United States loose cannon/lone wolf response, the world’s corporate media in the West especially did virtually nothing to get at the real truth about what really caused this tragedy. Instead it mostly offered up little more than propaganda, bogus allegations and glowing accolades about President Trump’s showing his “presidential timber” as a warrior-leader, who now has proven himself capable of taking swift, decisive action against what the corporate media described as a chemical attack committed by Assad and his Government against innocent Syrian civilians and especially innocent, helpless children and babies. Historically, it was yet another classic false flag Vietnam ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ Resolution, Iraq ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ moment in time when Deep State Fifth Columnists – who always are gathered in the shadows of whatever geopolitical event, once again sought, as they always do – mobilize – through sabotage, disinformation, espionage or outright aggression with whatever external military forces – any excuse to foment another new war and commit yet another unprovoked attack against whatever country upon which it has imperial designs.

But if Assad and his family now must go for his/their alleged guilt in the recent chemical weapon attack in Idlib Province, then so must go the whole lot of world leaders and their families of rogues and criminals who are complicit in the horrendous reality of so much that has been the history of the world, especially during the last century up to the present day. If the Assad’s now must go for the part they play in all this than so should: Trump, Putin, Erdogan, Netanyahu, Merkel, the Saudi Royal Family and a host of lesser lap dog war monger leader-followers in countries throughout the world.

In short, the world desperately needs a completely new make-over from top to bottom and regime changes throughout its length and breadth. Otherwise, the same Fifth Column of the Deep State and its multitude of: neo-conservative/alt-right plotters, corporate media propagandists, arms merchants and manufacturers of the materials of war, Wall Street financiers and speculators will only continue to endlessly fan the flames war, death and destruction in the Middle East and everywhere else as they have for countless decades, regardless of the murders of however many hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, the utter devastation of whole countries and subsequent tsunami waves of refugees and immigrants who continue to sweep throughout every country in the world, creating endless political chaos and ideological backlash. To all those who relish creating such a dark, obscenely-evil world, rather than one based upon light, peace and tranquility, the world is considered nothing more than an abstract algorithm to be endlessly manipulated for their own advantage.

So to say, “Assad Must Go!”, is to say nothing significant will ever change for the better any more than it did when Saddam Hussein, Moammer Gadhafi, Osama Bin Laden and a host of other mad men who were removed and eliminated also finally “Had To Go!”. One could argue that it instead only makes world events so much more worse because such mad men represent nothing more than the tip of an iceberg of what is constantly going on everywhere in the world.

The corporate media’s subterfuge, spin and hype has run riot over this latest chemical weapon tragedy in Syria. To try to make sense of it all is a crazy maker of Orwellian doublespeak of epic proportions. Some contend the whole problem began when President Trump received a fraudulent briefing on the Syrian event that some say originated from one Shajul Islam, a British-accused terrorist who was previously put on trial in the UK for terrorism offences and kidnapping, yet mysteriously was allowed to travel to Syria to join al-Qaeda’s fight to overthrow Assad where he is affiliated with a British Intelligence project, known as the White Helmets, who are funded by the British Foreign Office and USAID, and are the ones who provided the graphic images of the victims of the Idlib attack that were shown “as evidence” to the UN Security Council and Donald Trump.

British journalist Peter Hitchens telling description of the terrorist-controlled site of the Idlib Province attack immediately calls into question the source of such questionable ‘evidence’ when he commented, “No independent Western journalist could go there. He or she would be kidnapped or killed within hours. Any report which came from that region is filtered through people who you never see. These are groups like Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, alias the al-Nustra Front, alias al-Qaeda, the Syrian ‘opposition’ which Britain and the U.S. have been supporting for years…the same movement which destroyed the Manhatten Twin Towers.”

Yet U.S. military authorities, the CIA intelligence network and British MI5 already knew full-well before Trump’s ordered attack that the chemical weapons in question came not from the Assad government’s air force but from the warehouse/ammunition depot of an al-Qaeda based terrorist group that operated in the region. And the White Helmets only operate in terrorist-controlled areas, as they are in fact members of al-Qaeda. So, it begs the question who in the Deep State is behind the scenes mouthing who or what to say and do in all this? Is it Trump and his administration dictating to the generals and military what to say and do or is it the other way around? if President Trump was either lied to or kept ignorant of these facts by individuals in his administration or those within his national security/intelligence chain of command they should now all be exposed, fired from whatever their current position, criminally-charged with war crimes against humanity and, perhaps, even executed for treason?

Other geopolitical analysts even go so far as to say that the sources President Trump used to claim Syrian culpability for the chemical weapon attack began with the British, exclusively, and its corporate media who are the same Fifth Columnists who, for a multitude of nefarious reasons, have been coordinating an international attack on Trump’s Presidency in an effort to destroy any positive potential for healthy, non-violent relationships with Russia and China so as to rebuild the U.S. and world economy. However, Trump is making the same mistake in Syria as President Bush did in Iraq when he only listened to those British and American Intelligence advisors who were/are clearly bent again on a war for which there is no compelling reason, the unintended consequences of which are certain to be catastrophic.

The Rupert Murdoch war propaganda machine likewise has gone into high gear over Syria, just as its atrocious Sun newspaper in the UK and Sydney, Australia’s Daily Telegraph attacked anyone who questioned the corporate media’s Big Lie. During the Iraq War Murdoch’s media labeled all those who opposed it as scum and traitors, while labeling all those who now question the Assad/Syrian chemical attack spin as sick trolls. The British & Australian governments, in turn, initially cheered Trump after his cruise missile attack and applauded him for resorting to war when they had previously criticized Trump when he attempted to make peace overtures to Russia and China. Yet others go so far as to suggest that Trump was intentionally ‘played’ and set up as the ‘fall guy’ by both al-Qaeda and the British Royal Family itself for the near world holocaust that might have occurred and still could because of Trump’s cruise missile attack. It’s very curious that this all occurred on the eve of President Trump’s historic meeting with China’s Xi JinPing that many had hoped would lead to a new and peaceful paradigm for economic and scientific progress in the world beyond all the mindless, senseless wars.

By contrast, the level of political acrimony in the world continues to escalate beyond anything that has come before. Progressives and peace activists are constantly ridiculed and made caricatures of by the corporate and social media. Trump, like the dupe that he is, beyond his war-mongering in Syria, continues to play into the hands of alt-right Fifth Columnists when he declares, like the bully that he is, “If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will, too!”

So many political analysts and pundits now wonder, “How has the world come to all this?” For starts, it has come to all this because ever since the Fifth Columnists in the Democratic Party, like Hillary Clinton, Robert Kagan, Victoria Nuland and other hardliner neo-conservatives in the Obama Administration, committed their violent intervention in the civil war of Libya, and then further enflamed the geopolitical scene by their covert interventions with a Nazi movement that led to a violent coup in the Ukraine. Almost all the pro-interventionist editorial pages in the United States corporate media since Trump’s attack against Syria have similarly supported his interventionist actions, suggesting that the actions he took showed that he finally had “become president”, as if such despicable actions are what makes a real man of a president. Editorials in such major U.S. papers as the: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, New York Daily News, Washington Post, New York Post, Chicago Sun-Times and Denver Post heralded Trump’s preemptive attack against Syria. Even normally progressive editorials like the San Jose Mercury News and LA Times have been ambiguous about their moral and geopolitical position on Trump’s attack, while the New York Times even couched Trump’s attack in terms of making one “feel some sense of emotional satisfaction…and feeling good as a result of the attack”. The Pittsburg Post Gazette again even went so far as to refer to Syria and North Korea together as Russia and China’s moderate little proxies. While various pundits in the U.S. corporate media actually waxed poetically about the 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles that Trump hurled at Syria’s sovereign territory.

One in particular, MSNBC’s breaking news anchor Brian Williams bumped MSNBC Rachel Maddow to report Trump’s attack on Syria. Invoking a line from the song “First We Take Manhatten”, by the late Canadian poet-singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, Williams described the Tomahawk cruise missiles as they lifted off of the decks of the U.S. warships, as “beautiful pictures in the night”. His description of the cruise missiles seemed almost orgasmic if not religious. It was a reminder of something Leonard Cohen himself once said about that song when he revealed its meaning in an interview. Cohen commented, “I think it means exactly what it says. It is a terrorist song…There’s something about terrorism that I’ve always admired; the fact that there are no alibis or no compromises. That position is always attractive”.

Brian Williams and Leonard Cohen’s remarks call to mind a particular scene from the 1970 sci-fi movie “Planet of the Apes” that involved an Alpha-Omega Bomb; a large atomic bomb that was designated as a “Doomsday Bomb” to be used only as a last result that the few remaining human survivors referred to as The Divine Bomb. It had been placed at the altar of what used to be St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the irradiated ruins of New York City. This ‘Divine Bomb’ was venerated by a subspecies of psychic mutant-humans who religiously safeguarded the missile and its operational launch system. The mutants believed they owed their very existence to this missile and worshipped it as a deity. They wore specifically designated latex masks to hide their grotesque features and only during their liturgical services to worship the bomb would they take off their masks to, “reveal their innermost selves unto their God”.

The implied suggestion is that what is being revealed here about the innermost nature of the United States as a whole – all its politicians, citizenry and violent history – by and large has demonstrated a constant fixated upon war since its very origins and probably won’t ever change until, in the end, it finally extinguishes itself and, in the process, unfortunately, possibly the entire world at the same time. As is commonly stated in many news reports and history books it simply is a very violent and violence-prone society that would rather happily spend the bulk of its national GDP and life blood of its people upon war materials, the conducting of war, and the funding of other societies in the world – like Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others – who practice the same ideology, rather than on other more peaceful, non-violent, countries and solutions that would otherwise lead to an entirely different, more tranquil world and human being way of life.

Irwin Jerome: Author’s Bio Note: During the 1960’s and early 70’s Irwin lived with the Dakota and Lakota peoples on the Crow Creek Sioux & Oglala Sioux Reservations in South Dakota and later published the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle island Odyssey” (www.turtle-island-odyssey.com) that documents their historical plight and those of other indigenous peoples on Turtle Island. [email protected]

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