When I hear the degradation of nature
I think of the tender touch of Helen Keller!
When I hear of the inhuman bombings of warmongers
I remember the odyssey of Homer …!
When I read of children with hunger
I console myself in the music of Stevie Wonder
When there are so many suffering around me
Still living with hope of a better future …may be
One day I hope to see happiness at any cost …
Even Milton regained the ‘ Paradise Lost ‘ !!

Sheshu Babu is a writer who could be from everywhere or anywhere since he embraces and wants to foster the whole world.

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  1. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    “Still living with hope of a better future …may be
    One day I hope to see happiness at any cost …”

    thanks for keeping our hope alive. thanks for making us hopeful. thanks for the nice creation.

  2. Vincent Di Stefano says:

    Thank you Shushu Babu. You see more than most can imagine and hold the world in your vision. Looking forward to further offerings.

  3. Robert J. Burrowes says:

    Dear Sheshu Babu

    It is lovely to read your poetry: so honest about how things are and yet so evocative about how things might be! Like you, I strive to regain a paradise lost!

    With love and solidarity; Robert Burrowes

  4. Chandra Muzaffar says:

    Dear Sheshu Babu,


    I appreciate your comments on articles in Countercurrents. I had always wondered who it was !

    The poem here is not just about your linguistic skill. It reflects a profoundly sensitive soul who cares for his fellow human beings.

    May the Almighty protect you always.

    In solidarity,

    Chandra Muzaffar

  5. Abul Majid Zargar says:

    Great -Inspiring.

  6. Vidyadhar Date says:

    Very good poems,Sheshu Babu. from vidyadhar date

  7. Diana Mavroleon says:

    Shush Babuji,
    Finding words like your’s, written and felt from the heart, with no self gain other than to spread healing and hope….are what others strength and inspiration to keep on the road to a better world for all. Sometimes l lie awake at night or just stand and stare during the day in utter disbelief of what one human being can do to another. Poetry is a soothing and healing balm, it can also work as an agitator to wake people up. Your word are appreciated and your soul is blessed. Please listen to the music of my friend Baluji Shrivastav. he is a blind composer & musician living here in London. Like u, he is also putting wonder and light into the world. Thank u sincerely. Sending u good vibes and love from London.

  8. ANITHA SANTHI says:

    Sheshu Babu has been the most loyal and consistent person to respond..thanks a lot- responses- whether positive or negative means a lot when you are writing. This poem is so touching and meaningful..keep writing

  9. Emily Spence says:

    Your writing shows great depth of heart, intelligence and wonderful values. I hope that we can see more in times to come!

  10. K SHESHU BABU says:

    What can I give but tears of joy
    To all those who read and all those who responded
    Hopefully this would be the ‘ corduroy’
    Which would help me forever motivated

    Thanks to all friends , specially Sally and the editor without whose support this would not have been possible.
    I also thank my childhood friend Liaquath who has been with me in my joys and sorrows

  11. Taj Hashmi says:

    Simply soothing and inspiring!