Why Mohan Bhagwat Will Not Be The President Of India?


In the scheme of RSS’s Hindu nation concept the government or the state is secondary to nation. That means political power is secondary. Ex RSS chief m s Golwalkar in his book “We or our Nationhood Defined” 1939, has categorically stated ‘We stand for national regeneration and not for that half hazard bundle of political rights – the state.’ (p.3) He says Nation is above the state ie government. That means political party is secondary to the RSS.

Golwalkar once said, ‘ We want to dominate not only Jansangh but Congress, socialist, Muslim League etc. ,(Sri Guruji Samagra Darshan, khand 5, p. 56, Bharatiya Vichar sadhana Nagpur)

This shows how RSS’s stand is about the political parties. Jansangh original name of the BJP was the creation of the Rss.

When RSS considers itself above the state, the government, how its chief will accept the secondary position?

Mohan Bhagwat is in the position of Hedgewar or Golwalkar and his position is above the Prime Minister or the state. RSS can dictate to BJP, but BJP can not dictate RSS. If RSS chief becomes part of the state accepting any such post, the President or the Prime Minister that will be against its premise of the Nation. Hence, it is next to impossible that Rss chief will accept position in the government, the state. Mohan Bhagwat, then co-Secretary of the RSS said, “Rashtra Niti, not Raj niti is important for the Sangh.” (Organiser, March 19, 2000).

His stand is clear. He being in the higher position than the state head- the Rashtra pati, his refusal for the President’s post is keeping with the nation concept of the RSS.

Nagesh Chaudhari is editor of Marathi fortnightly,Bahujan Sanghaesh. He is involved in Satya shodhak samaj movement. Has authored books on caste system, on RSS and Hindu nation.

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