( On Erdogan visit to India ..  and being conferred ‘ doctorate ‘ degree)

Welcome to the nation!
‘ Doctor President’ Erdogan!
Let dictatorship and despotism
Integrate fanaticism with fascism!

Bestowed with unbridled powers
From manipulated Democratic processes
Right to imprison opponents
Hang them if situation warrants
On the pretext of insurgents
Bomb the tribals and Kurds

With violence pervading the country
Whether India or Turkey
Expand co-operation with Modi
Applaud non – violent Gandhi …!

Signing trade agreements
And some defence deals,
Work for mutual benefits
Eliminate ‘ terrorist ‘ outfits!

For the tremendous contribution
To your nation and our nation
Accept the degree and citation
From Jamia Milia University with elation..!!

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and everywhere who wants to foster a better world




  1. Avatar Farooque Chowdhury says:

    thanks for the very good and timely statement.

  2. Avatar Emily Spence says:

    Your literary voice is strong and powerful. Keep up the great writing, please!