it’s really simple. what you need first is
a man, preferably alone, poor or looking
poor, carrying no weapons and exhausted
from work, starving, and apparently
belonging to a lower caste or a muslim.

next you need a slogan. it could be anything
from har har mahadev to jai durga or
jai bajrang bali ki, or even a modern one
like bharat chodo or go mata ki raksha karo.

next you need a reason. this is the easiest
part for reasons are aplenty and you just
need to pick one. go mata is again handy.

the lynching is a bit dicey for a beginner but
after one or two outings you become an expert
hit his shoulders with a rod and his knees
with a log which will make him crumple
and show weepy eyes to the news channels.
let him have his moment of glory. then
keep on hitting his torso till he wriggles and
screams and then bring out the big knives
this part the veterans will do chop his body
at select places to put him out of action. when
he stops moving turn his body with two or
three kicks and unzip your pyjama and pee
in his mouth. he will still be breathing in the
pool of blood. now douse him with kerosene.
throw a light on him. step back to view your
firey installation with the eye of an artist.

wait, he says something.
step close to hear him say in burning agony
mother fuckers motherfuckers
burn in hell.
turn to the crowd and declare happily look
he repented and shouted vande mataram.

Ra Sha is a poet

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    Lynching and thrashing
    Raping and torturing
    Qualifications of patriotism
    Bravery and nationalism

  2. Pratap Antony says:

    Explicit. Touches a raw nerve.