Killing Kids at Yale Law School


Early January 1977
Just out of Harvard Law
Looking for a job
Landing at Yale Law
26 years old

2 hour faculty presentation
In faculty lounge
To my right
Dean Harry Wellington
Arrayed left and right
Across the room
Yale Law Faculty all
Most distinguished crowd


Sitting in the back
Directly opposite
Clear line of sight
Glaring right at me
Gene Rostow
Ex Yale Law Dean
Of the infamous Rostow brothers
Who gave us Vietnam


War criminal of the first rank
3 million exterminated Vietnamese
Murdered 58,000 men of my generation


Hey! Hey! LBJ!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!
Went through my mind


Gene was there to make sure
I was never hired
Had checked me out
With his Harvard Law buddies
Where my views were well known
On everything
Including Vietnam
Especially the Palestinians


For one hour
Gene and I battled back and forth
Blow for blow
Shot for shot
I stood my ground
And matched him


Rostow was just a bully
Having grown up
On the Irish Southside of Chicago
I know how to deal with bullies


Then Gene made a fatal mistake
A wan smile came across my face
I got you now!

You sunova-bitch!

You spent the last hour
Trying to beat me up
But now I have you
Exactly where I want you
I am going to destroy you!
And I did!


Made a complete, total and absolute fool
Out of Gene
In front of the entire Yale Law Faculty
Many of whom he had hired
Gene’s Kids
Gene’s face turned beet red
I stunned him into silence for the next hour!


It was so bad
Leon Lipson
Broke out laughing
In the Back of the Faculty Lounge
A little payback for Vietnam!
Well worth the job


Hey! Hey!
Rostow say!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!


Fasting forward to today
Ex Yale Law Dean Harold Killer Koh
Rejoins the Faculty
After serving a stint
As Obama’s War Consigliere
For the Harvard Law Commander-in-Chief


Justifying Obama’s war crimes, crimes against peace, crimes against humanity
Drones, murders, assassinations
Violations of the Constitution
Exterminating 50,000 Libyans
With the bat of his eye


Hey! Hey!
Harold say!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!


Killer Koh
Is a worthy successor
To Gene Rostow
Yale Law’s Resident Dean War Criminals


Hey! Hey!
Yale Law Say!
How many kids!
Did you kill today!
John Yoo too!
Killer Koh’s pooh!





Diss-Ode to Harold Killer Koh

Harold Killer Koh
Killing Babies where he go
Muslim life is cheap you see
Jewish life too for the Nazi

Carl Schmitt Professor of Law
At the Yale Law School
Boot-licking Gene Rostow
Of the infamous Rostow Brothers
Who gave us Vietnam
Genociding “gooks” too

Obama’s War Consigliere
Gene and his “kids” for LBJ
Some things never change for Dems
And their Elite Law School Whores Today

At Harvard Law School too
Where Killers Obama and Koh
First dropped their pooh
Along with “Judge” Davey Barron too

Obama’s Droner-in-Chief
Destined for a Cell in The Hague
Right next to his student John Yoo
A Chip off of Harold’s Old Block
Cold-blooded Killers and War Criminals too

Killer Koh disteaching “human rights” at N.Y.U.
Supported by his gang of Dem law prof thugs
Beating up on the N.Y.U. law students few
With the courage, integrity, and principles to say
Never again!

Professor Francis A. Boyle is an international law expert and served as Legal Advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization and Yasser Arafat on the 1988 Palestinian Declaration of Independence, as well as to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East Peace Negotiations from 1991 to 1993, where he drafted the Palestinian counter-offer to the now defunct Oslo Agreement. His books include “ Palestine, Palestinians and International Law” (2003), and “ The Palestinian Right of Return under International Law” (2010).


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