Life Cycle



My life
Is a ‘ fatal accident’…
An unintended incident

Clock starts ticking
As my heart starts beating
Like countdown before a satellite
Exploding into the sky straight

I become an identity
A family’s entity
Assume a name, a caste, a sanctity
A religion, a member of a community

I start becoming greedy
Sucking milk from a dead mother’s body
Mired in personal ambitions
And socio- cultural clashes
With the chanting of time
‘ grow old with me’
Till the last chime
Last rituals of rhyme

When I mingle with nature
The air, the earth, the water
I have no name, no fame
No communal clashes, no shame

The ultimate Union with eternity
A perpetual serenity ..!
Alas! I could not attain when alive
Then goal of universal humanity …!


‘ fatal accident’ from Rohith vemula letter published 19 / 1/ 2016 ( Indian Express)

Grow old with me — final song written by John Lennon ….also from Robert Browning poem ‘ Rabbi Ben Ezra’

Hungry baby sucks milk from his dead mother near a railway track in UP, India ( village Damoh)

Sheshu Babu is a writer from any where and everywhere and who wants to foster the whole humanity


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