a gruesome truth we dare not speak
of violence with its bloody taunt
such terror stories seldom haunt
in lands where casteist pyres reek

how long the poem abject sung
how long the murder and mayhem
how long the bridling of the tongue
how long the rift of us and them

i sometimes pray a futile whine
its all thats left of weak protest
Lord dont put us to the test
We cant win – so pretend its fine

Godfrey D’Lima, SJMPSM
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  1. Powerful poem for these desperate times.

  2. Avatar K SHESHU BABU says:

    When there is news about lynching
    Heart starts pinching
    With invisible pain
    Rolling tears down the eyes again and again

    Will all our tears gather
    And become a deterrent power
    To stop lynching and torture
    And curb brutal massacre..??

  3. Avatar Pratap Antony says:

    This stark poem brings to the surface a personal dilemma we all have to live with. How much should we allow fear to rule us? Should we accept and live with this as our inevitable fate – Amor fati? Should we be wilfully blind to what is happening? Or should we go on with our lives with learned helplessness?