Sun zooms into sky
Like aspirations of workers of ‘ Maruti Suzuki ‘
Toiling daily with casting and moulding
And turning and fitting
Gears, accelerators and brakes
Or cushioned seats and side glasses
In the sweltering heat
And iron rust

For daily pittance
And a few crumbs
Work on a contract
With worry of dismissal constant
These labourers
Meander their days

One day, they are thrown out
The management worries about profit
Workers unite and demand
Question Management’s intent

They are dragged into prison
Cases slapped with precision
That they killed the officer
Life imprisonment is the only answer

Still they look at the sky
The brave labourers of Maruti Suzuki
And find the rays of sun
Consoling their aspiration

One day, they will be released
Their sincerity answered
One day. The justice
Will come and embrace
Their lives
Their grief stricken families ..

( For the wrongly incarcerated maruti automobile workers)
Sheshu Babu could be from anywhere and everywhere as he wants to foster the whole world )

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  1. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    “They are dragged into prison”

    And, on prison wall, they write “workers unite”

    “Still they look at the sky”

    And, the sky is bright with a glowing sun

    “One day, they will be released”

    And, they will sing songs of liberation and equality

    “The justice
    Will come and embrace
    Their lives
    Their grief stricken families”

    And, that’s a dawn of smile.

    SB, thanks for your creation that has come out from anywhere and everywhere. i don’t know whether my comments in stray lines have hurt you or not. but, in the early hours of a May Day, the poem is another ray of light. And, thanks for reminding us the Maruti workers. our May Day greetings to the Maruti workers.

  2. Emily Spence says:

    Tragic, Sheshu — especially as this sort of situation exists across the whole world pretty much! Thanks for reminding us of the need to support such workers and the need to resist!