Go anywhere!
Go everywhere!
The ‘ big brother’ will follow you!

Go to a toilet
Or sleep in a hut
The big brother will follow you!

Think of war
Think of ‘ aadhar ‘
The big brother will follow you!

No room for talent
No room for dissent
He is omnipotent and omniscient
The big brother will follow you !

You have no identity
No individuality
No freedom
Only serfdom
If you complain
Start mass mobilisation
With arms and ammunition
The big brother will follow you!

But if you risk life
Continue strife
Spread collective power
High over the infinite ‘ Sky’ tower
Will the big brother follow you?

( ‘ big brother ‘ from George Orwell 1984)

Sheshu Babu is a writer who can be anywhere and everywhere and who wants to foster the whole world

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  1. Liaquath Mirza says:

    Right to privacy has gone for a toss in these times of shackled 24/7 connectivity. Aadhar is an innocent sounding acronym with an ominous agenda of imposing invisible surveillance to serve the masters in power. You are tagged and targeted in the guise of security ironically hosted on most lax and insecure systems defeating the very purpose of maintaining citizen data confidentiality. The recent spate of Aadhar leaks bear testimony to the horrendous spectre waiting to unfold.

  2. Farooque Chowdhury says:

    excellent. thanks to the poet. days ago, countercurrents carried an article on surveillance.

  3. Emily Spence says:

    Powerful poem! We are all tracked and watched in the USA. The condition is only getting more replete. Even some people’s tv sets and other products, like phones and even toasters, I read, can keep tabs on us for those in authority. … Big Brother is, indeed, everywhere!

    CIA, MI5 hacked smart TVs to eavesdrop on private conversations …
    Mar 7, 2017 – CIA, MI5 hacked smart TVs to eavesdrop on private conversations … allowed spies to turn a regular Samsung smart TV into a listening device.