Greatest wonder of nature

Who can imagine
Your agony, animation
Restlessness and turbulence
Of birth pangs?

And yet, you remain
Behind the curtain
While we stamp our authority
On your body and brain

Oh! Mother of civilization !
We are out to destroy
The meticulous creation
You nourished for us to enjoy

Dear mother land !
We mercilessly cut trees in forests
Sow the lands with harmful GMO seeds
That destroy crops and lives !

Mother! You sacrificed your ‘ tongue’
For us to communicate and sing
But we used, abused and misused
With obscene language that left you bemused !

We invented jargon of war …to your dismay …
‘ Mother of all battles ‘ , we roared
‘ Mother of all bombs’ , we trumped
Showing our chauvinism, and hey!
That reflects our ‘ mother’ of all evils!

But, mother! You have the power
Like ‘ The mother’ of proletarian Russia
To mould us with patience
Or a robust ‘ mother India ‘
Who, loves her son: but finding him errant, shoots

We celebrate Christmas but less Mary’s birthday
We celebrate prophet Mohammed leaving Aminah at Bay
We celebrate krishna’s birthday but forget Devaki’ s sacrifice
And applaud Buddha for his teachings without Maya’s sufferings

Dialectics is the mother of truth
Truth is the strength
That gives zeal to all struggles
Mother Truth! Revolutionary salutes! M


Mother of civilization is a poem written by Henry Tolliver
Mother of all battles used in Arab nations. Also in a speech by Saddam Hussain in January 1991
Mother of all bombs’ dropped on Afghanistan
The mother … Novel by Gorky
Mother India (1957) film by mahboob Khan starring Nargiz as mother
Aminah … Prophet muhammed mother
Devaki’ …. Foster mother of Krishna who was sent to Devaki’ for growing up
Maya … Mother of Buddha who died some days after his birth
‘ Dialectics is the mother of truth’ taken from Andromeda, ( a space age take) by Ivan Yefremov

Sheshu Babu is a writer from anywhere and every where and who wants to foster the whole world


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