Don’t Buy The “National Deficit/Debt” Scam That Steals From Working People


For decades the politicians have refused to tax the rich, the corporations and the banks. They choose instead to borrow to run the government. They borrow money from the rich, whom they refused to tax, and then pay them interest. Politicians keep telling us that the national debt is too high; they say we can’t afford to spend money on social services, healthcare and education.  They want us to spend our money for interest on the national debt. They want us to spend half of the national budget on weapons of war.  According to The New York Times, 3/10/17, “We have a rigged tax code that has essentially legalized tax dodging for large corporations.”  Exxon, one of the largest corporations in the world, did not pay $12.9 billion in taxes over the last eight years. Twelve of the largest corporations in America avoided paying $200 billion in taxes over the last eight years.  The politicians tax the working people not the rich and then want to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  Don’t buy the national debt scam.  Make the selfish rich pay their taxes, cut the military budget and pay for social services for working people.

The national deficit/debt is made up of two parts; Intragovernmental debt and Public debt.            Intragovernmental debt is only 30% of the total, it is $5.4 trillion now and $2.8 trillion is owed to Social Security, this is money already collected over the years from working people paying their taxes to Social Security, the excess every month has been borrowed and used for other purposes by the government.          The Public debt is 70% of the total at $14.5 trillion which is primarily owed to foreign countries such as China and Japan, Great Britain along with banks and financial institutions of the rich.

Don’t buy the politicians scam; the working people are NOT responsible for the crisis of the capitalist economic system.  We can’t and won’t pay for the crisis!  Make the greedy rich pay for the crisis they caused!!


Dr Gordon is a Physician who has practiced in California for 40 years.  He has written many article over the years about medicine and politics. Email: [email protected]

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